Loan Tran is a migrant originally from Ho đưa ra Minh City, Viet nam giới currently organizing and writing in Durham, North Carolina. For more than a decade they have been involved in liberation struggles for migrants, LGBTQ people, communities of color, và all working class people. As a writer, their work has been included in publications such as The Solidarity Struggle: How People of màu sắc Succeed and Fail At Showing Up For Each Other In the Fight For Freedom (2016) và Gendered Lives: Intersectional Perspectives (7th Edition, 2019). They are known for their piece, Calling In: A Less Disposable Way of Holding Each Other Accountable, released on đen Girl Dangerous in 2013. Their work focuses on building coalitions, alliances, & solidarity across identities, geographies và issues. Loan co-founded & led Southern Vision Alliance, a southern regional, grassroots movement intermediary where they began the Queer Mobilization Fund, Southern Movement Infrastructure Exchange, & a number of youth organizing fellowship programs. Other affiliations include: Highlander Research & Education Center (former board of directors), Rising Majority (former coordinating committee), Third Wave Fund Advisory Council (co-chair), Visionary Freedom Fund (advisor), & Migrant Roots media (board of directors). Loan loves all of the quick-witted Southern queers with big hearts & brains helping to lead và fortify efforts across all social movements.

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