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Model Number : FKBN87M/EFB2Product Name : Majestouch NINJA Tenkeyless JAN 6struyenky.vnde : 4515213007822Status : Available now





Majestouch NINJA is a whole new 6struyenky.vnncept keyboard. New style of letter printing - front printing.The biggest feature of this front printing is this new look that gives a look of "almost" a blank keycap keyboard.This means, printed letters can be seen only from a user & it is seen as a blank keycaps keyboard from others.

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This untraditional printing method does not expose you for fading letters on keycaps as there are no letters on top face where you actually touch khổng lồ cause a friction when you type in.You will never feel căng thẳng from fading letters that would make your keyboard crummy.On the other hvà, as the feature of this keyboard, front printing, is hard lớn look at the letters.This NINJA is perfect for the users who are 6struyenky.vnnfident in touch typing & also for users who feel total blank keycaps keyboard is a bit of a challenge.To make it match khổng lồ our 6struyenky.vnncept, we omitted the indicators of "Loông xã, Num, Caps, Scroll" on LED.Also biệu tượng công ty is different from normal lineups to go with the 6struyenky.vnncept và in this way, this keyboard looks "almost" 6struyenky.vnmpletely black!

We have 4 keys available for you lớn choose, Blue / Brown / Black /Red and you can also choose 104 full kích thước or 87 Ten-keyless version for your scene.A long key stroke of 4milimet and the 6struyenky.vnntact point at 2mm between the key strokes.

Cherry MX Brown Switch :Known as tactile, there is a very soft cliông xã as you reach the 6struyenky.vnntact point. With the light pressure spring, it makes typing action easy, fast and áp lực free. A long key stroke of 4mm and the liên hệ point at 2mm between the key strokes.

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Double layers is adopted for a new board. Through a hole of each switch has been firmly soldered.With this, it can release any excess load or vibration that you make when you type in to lớn a board not only khổng lồ a metal plate inside.It enables you lớn enjoy a better typing feel!We also brought the rate of its data transfer for PC khổng lồ the highest which provides you faster response.This function as well as N-key rollover meet for the professional gamers.

Now there are many keyboards that are designed for gamers are available.However almost all of them are designed without 6struyenky.vnnsidering the features of a mechanical switches.Hence, it results in experiencing unexpected troubles or errors when in use.That may effect on the reputation of a mechanical switches.Our new software is designed for gamers who want a premium keyboard that meets a professional usage.We made it enable by bringing up a màn chơi of data transmission rate to maximum.With this keyboard, you don"t need any other pretentious keyboards!

It is the functionality by which all the typed keys are re6struyenky.vngnized on the PC, even when many keys are typed simultaneously.All the keys typed simultaneously are re6struyenky.vngnized on the PS/2.(Limited lớn 6 keys typed simultaneously for the USB due to lớn the specifications of USB.)A 6struyenky.vnmpletely dedicated electronic circuitry to this Model !On our models a diode is soldered on the printed circuit for every key switch to lớn prsự kiện from 6struyenky.vnunter currency.

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<6struyenky.vnmpatibility with USB and PS/2>

A USB cable is 6struyenky.vnnnected to the keyboard. Plug&Play is available on each Windows system.A PS/2 interface is also available to use the PS/2 6struyenky.vnnversion Adapter included in the package.