Final Fantasy Tifa Lockhart Resin Statue Does The Jack

Following on from her explosive debut in Italian politics earlier this year, a merch company is jumping on the new wave of Tifa Lockheart love - & not subtly at all. A new Tifa statue puts the Final Fantasy heroine in an incredibly suggestive pose, & it's turning a lot of heads, lớn say the least. No one can quite comprehend that this new piece of merch is real, and honestly, I can't either.

For just $728.99, this figurine of Tifa twerking on the Buster Sword can be all yours. Sure, you'll want to hide it every time someone steps foot in your room. And yeah, that's a lot of money for something you could gaze at online for free. But you will be able khổng lồ immortalize this iconic piece of Final Fantasy memorabilia và share it with generations khổng lồ come.

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"1/4 Scale Jack-O Tifa Lockheart - (FF7) Final Fantasy VII Resin Statue" is at least very honest about what it is. Without a hint of shame, you can have Tifa's bare bum greet you every morning, as it hovers around Cloud's sword.

Oh, và if too much was being left to the imagination for your liking, it looks lượt thích there will be a fully nude mã sản phẩm available too. No, there are no pictures of it. It also looks like you can pick up a mã sản phẩm that lets you set between clothed and nakey, depending on how much you want lớn disappoint everyone around you on any given day.

The statue has an estimated shipping date of March 2023, so you'll be in for a bit of a wait to lớn get your nude Tifa fix. In the meantime, of course, you can just search her name literally anywhere on the internet and get the same results. & it won't even cost you $728.99. But to each their own.


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