Fruit ninja 2 for iphone/ipad reviews

There’s a sequel khổng lồ Fruit Nin-Ja now.

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 Remember Fruit Ninja? It was 2010, you’d just got your first touchscreen phone, & you were desperate for anything khổng lồ need it for. There, for just three little dollars, was this game about swish-swooshing about the shiny surface, chopping up fruit until fruit could be chopped no more. It proved so astoundingly popular that in just two years it had been downloaded 300 million times.

Now, if you were paying attention, you’ll have sầu noticed the strangest little detail above. No, not that enough copies were downloaded for every man, woman & child in North America lớn have one each—that it cost money. Remember that? No? Well let me remind you: in the Olden Days, games on your electronic telephone could be purchased for your homeland’s currency, after which you then owned the game in its entirety, & were never asked to pay for it again!

Now you’re baông chồng up off the floor, let me comfort you by reassuring that this decade-later sequel is the much more familiar price of “free, but.” Beyond that, at first glance it’s awfully familiar.

At second glance, you’ll notice the 350,000 different menus và sections & modes and challenges & powerups & meters & events và minigames & levels and, er, fruit facts. There’s still a Zen mode, there’s “Classic” mode for you Greek & Roman scholars (sub, please check), & of course there’s multiplayer, where you can find out which of your friends also downloaded Fruit Nin-Ja 2, and then struggle khổng lồ look at each other in the eye once looking at other people in the eye becomes a thing we get lớn vì chưng again.

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There’s an “armory” where you can nâng cấp your bonus items, using—you guessed it—in-game currency. The game directs you down this path within the first 15 minutes of playing, lượt thích an eager puppy that just can’t wait to lớn take you to the pile of shit it just laid. There are ninja skins khổng lồ choose (buy), that change the look of the character you absolutely never see while actually playing the game. There are “quests” to complete that can involve upgrading such items (or indeed lớn “water 10 plants”...). You can tăng cấp the blade you don’t use lớn chop the fruit, because it’s your finger you use lớn chop the fruit. You cannot tăng cấp your finger. Aaaaaaa& there’s a “Season Pass,” because that’s a thing in games now, right, which lets you spend money for “Premium” or “Premium + 10 Levels,” without bothering you with pesky details about what those actually are.


Of course, pretty much all this is true of the “10th Anniversary Edition” evolved free-to-play size of the first Fruit Ninja, although that included such ugly horrors as “free” continues if you watch an ad. The sequel seems to lớn have ditched that, at least in my short time spent with it, which I guess is good? Just two minutes spent with the original game this afternoon & I was getting ads when I changed menus, which really can go fuchồng itself into lớn the sun.

The big change is the introduction of real-time multiplayer, and, um, I guess if you thought Fruit Ninja lacked for not swiping at fruit at the same time as a stranger, that’s all fixed now! Whomever I competed against won’t have sầu believed his luông xã as I struggled to get my Pixel 3a XL lớn take screenshots as I was playing.

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Beyond that, there’s very little immediately improved between the two versions. The fruit art (yes, I wrote “fruit art”) doesn’t seem any different to lớn me, the sound effects seemingly the same ones. The backgrounds are more interesting in Fruit Ninja 2? There are some minigames, and, OK, there’s apparently the Fruitar Hero rhythm game mode, và kudos for that. However, I’ve not been able to find it yet, so screw ‘em.

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