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A lot of Windows 10 users are experiencing high disk usage and cpu usage problem. When i digged inkhổng lồ the problem, i found that that high ram usage or high cpu consumption by windows 10 os may be due lớn some extra processes & features turned on mainly and sometime due khổng lồ outdated drivers in your system. I am listing here the most responsible things which you can fix lớn solve sầu the problem. Find out what works for you and please feel không lấy phí lớn comment about your experience.

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Once it is done, cthua kém Registry Editor window.

Reboot your computer lớn let the changes take effect.

After rebooting check the ram và CPU usage on your computer. It should drop significantly.

10) Disable Runtime Broker for solving high cpu usage

Step 1 – Press windows key + I to open system control panel.

Now, Click on system.

Step 2 – Now, clichồng on Notifications & actions in the left thực đơn.

There is an option in the right side, saying Get Tips, tricks. Turn it off.

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11) Optimize your Hard Drives for faster performance

12) Update Drivers lớn fix windows 10 high CPU usage

Updating all your drivers can also solve sầu your memory problem, if outdated driver are the reason behind it.

Press windows key + i khổng lồ open system control panel. Search update device drivers in the tìm kiếm box. Cliông xã on update device drivers & proceed.


Note – windows 10 have sầu certain memory requirement. You must be sure that your device is having this much amount of system configuration with it.


1 Ghz

Installed memory (RAM)

1 GB for 32-bit Operating System

2 GB for 64-bit Operating System

Free hard disk space

16 GB for 32-bit version

đôi mươi GB for 64-bit version

If your system configuration is above that, please follow the methods illustrated above sầu. If everything else fails, clean install windows 10. I will update this posts with more ways to tackle high cpu & high ram usage problem of windows 10.

13) Turn off Automatically piông xã an accent color from my background

Step 1 – Press windows key + i to reach system control panel.

Step 2 – Cliông xã on personalization as show below.

Step 3 – Now, choose colors from the left thực đơn.

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In the right side, Unkiểm tra Automatically piông chồng an accent color from my background.

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