Wonder woman's gal gadot on possible return to fast & furious

Gal Gadot Unsure About Fast & Furious Return Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot isn"t sure if she"ll return to lớn play Gisele in a future Fast và Furious movie & confirms it isn"t on her to-vày menu.

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Gal Gadot isn"t sure if she"ll return as Gisele in a future Fast và Furious movie. Although Gadot is now most known for playing Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, her first movie role came in the fourth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise. She then returned to play Gisele in Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6. It was in the latter that Gisele died during the climactic action sequence.

With Gadot"s growing star power, fans of the Fast và Furious franchise have been wondering if she"ll come back in some capađô thị. Gadot did film a cameo for Furious 7 but it was cut from the final edit of the movie. The hope for Gadot to return to Fast và Furious has only grown in the last year after the F9 trailer revealed Sung Kang"s return as Han was confirmed. Han was believed to be dead in the franchise, and his so far unexplained resurrection reinvigorated chatter that Gisele might not be too far behind. Now, Gadot has addressed where her future with Fast & Furious stands.

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Why Gal Gadot's Gisele Was Killed Off in Fast và Furious 6
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Gadot is currently promoting Wonder Woman 1984 for its theatrical và HBO Max release, & this led her lớn speak to MTV News about the movie và the rest of her career. Near the kết thúc of the interview, Gadot mentioned how she worked with her Red Notice co-star Dwayne Johnson in Fast và Furious before, leading the conversation khổng lồ turn to lớn the nitrous-fueled franchise. When she was asked if a return as Gisele is in the cards, Gadot responded by saying, "Oh wow, I don"t know. I have sầu no idea. Right now it"s not on my to-vày các mục."

If Gadot is telling the truth và not protecting some other surprises F9 might have in store, then it sounds lượt thích fans shouldn"t expect to see her & Han baông chồng together when the movie is released in 2021. Universal & director Justin Lin are currently also developing Fast và Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11, though, so it is possible that they want Gadot to return and just haven"t informed her yet. There is also an all-female spinoff movie in the works, and Gadot"s return there could give the film a big boost.

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Since Gadot isn"t sure that she"ll be in another Fast & Furious movie, the difficulty with Gisele"s return could come in explaining how she isn"t dead. The end of Fast & Furious 6 saw Gisele let herself fall from a car moving at high-speeds to lớn kill a guy who was about lớn attaông xã Han. While it is possible that Gisele could"ve sầu survived the fall, her return would have to mean that Dominic Toretto"s team never circled bachồng to find her toàn thân and just assumed she was dead. Then again, with theories running wild that the final two Fast & Furious movies will include time travel, then that could be used khổng lồ bring Gisele baông xã. But as of right now, it doesn"t appear that Gadot has plans lớn play her again.

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