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Contra 3: The Alien Wars is one of those maddeningly difficult retro games that will destroy you over and over if you"re not prepared. Because I like punishing myself, I decided to lớn see if I could beat the trò chơi without relying on the SNES Classic"s save states.

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This is a rare moment when you don"t have lớn worry about taking damage

I love that the levels in the Contra series manage to lớn consistently break expectations. Most games on the SNES follow the same gameplay pattern: Mario is what you"d expect from a platformer, Mario Kart is a racing game, Metroid is a 2d exploration game. However, Contra 3 is a different trò chơi depending which stage you"re playing. For instance, cấp độ 1 is a side-scroller while màn chơi 2 is a top-down shooter và level 3 is a side-scroller with vertical sections. Cấp độ 4 is a biking màn chơi with a really cool segment where you fight bosses while riding a chopper then you jump around missiles that are being fired at an alien mothership. Level 5 is yet another top-down level & level 6 is a long & taxing quái vật rush stage.

Contra III is also the most action-packed game on the SNES Classic, period. In which other game vị you blast your way through an entire alien army with no backup? Where can you shoot in eight directions in mid-air as you please? I also enjoy the little touches like how you can stop walking with R or how you can vì chưng a spinning jump attack lớn shoot bullets everywhere.

Once you eventually beat the game, you unlock hard mode. If you finish it on easy or normal, the game tells you that you"re getting better but the war only gets harder. When you beat the trò chơi on hard, it tells you that you"ve stopped the invasion and brought peace khổng lồ a ruined world thanks to the efforts of a gaming champion! Hard difficulty also offers a bonus boss. When you crush the alien brain & grab on to the chopper at the over of the game, the brain equips a suit of battle armor and starts chasing you into the sky.

Actually completing Contra III: The Alien Wars on hard difficulty is such a challenge that I can only imagine how great it must feel khổng lồ actually pull it off. Given how short the chiến dịch is on paper (because it only contains six levels), the addition of hard mode adds a ridiculous amount of trả lời value. I only beat it on normal and I must have put thirty hours into the game so far (it"s now first on my SNES Classic"s menu screen but I have trouble believing I have 30-40 hours on it like I have for Final Fantasy VI).

These guys look lượt thích they came right out of The Terminator

Contra 3 looks so much better than the originals. Everything from the characters to the enemies khổng lồ the 3d backgrounds look amazing thanks to the graphical capabilities of the Super NES. The characters pop off the screen so much more than its arcade predecessor, too. The graphics are complemented with an action-packed soundtrack that has a different music track for each stage. For instance, in the very first stage, the music climaxes immediately so you can get excited right from the get go.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars is clearly influenced by the movies The Terminator và Rambo. In those films, you had muscular protagonists (Arnold Schwarzenegger và Sylvester Stallone, respectively) shooting people up with huge guns. At the time, the popularity of sci-fi movies lượt thích Star Wars & Alien is likely why you have two Stallone look-a-likes running around with machine guns blowing up aliens.

Sylvester Stallone doesn"t care if he battles enemies while hanging on a wall

There are so many hazards that the only reasonable way lớn survive is to memorise where every enemy comes from và how they attack. I expect that most people won"t lượt thích this kind of challenge but if you have patience và enjoy playing unreasonably hard games then Contra 3 should be a lot of fun. Every stage is quite difficult và the final one is the hardest of them all. Another option is lớn just use the SNES Classic"s save states feature which is a perfectly fine decision if you just want khổng lồ see everything that Contra 3 has khổng lồ offer.

Even if you don"t want lớn play Contra 3, you can"t deny its value as a spectator game. Just take a look at Aquas" AGDQ 2018 speedrun.

This battle against an alien ship feels lượt thích it came right out of the movies

After countless deaths, I finally managed lớn complete Contra 3. Granted, I had three lives the whole time but you can go up to lớn seven in the options menu. I refused khổng lồ have save states any further than the beginning of each stage because I wanted to get good at the game which was clearly Konami"s vision when they created it. Anyway, if you want khổng lồ play a game that you can beat & get rewarded quickly then you should stay far away from Contra III: The Alien Wars. However, if you have the patience lớn get good then Contra 3 can be extremely fun. That being said, I can"t say I had fun the whole time because of all the countless, frustrating, pointless deaths.



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