Loop Hero Will Soon Let You Save The Dang Game

The deck-building, dungeon-making roguelite RPG Loop Hero is getting some much needed quality-of-life improvements in an upcoming update, the game’s developers announced yesterday. The most important of these fixes? Finally letting you save sầu your game.

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Technically, Loop Hero does that already, saving all progress automatically as you complete expeditions. But there’s no way to save the game while you’re mid-adventure, which might not seem like a big giảm giá until it’s 2 a.m. và you’re falling asleep at your computer grinding for resources unable to log out without destroying your progress.

One current workaround for this is simply leaving the game running all the time, which is what I’ve recently started doing and why Steam tells me I’ve now played nearly 150 hours of Loop Hero. Even this system isn’t full-proof though, subject to the nefarious whims of Windows update logic as well as user error when you think you’ve paused the game to lớn go make dinner but actually it kept running và now your little pixelated sprite is dead & burred và you’ve lost an hour’s worth of loot.

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So long story short: yes, a mid-expedition save sầu feature will be great. Four Quarters also says that more speed settings, another often request feature since Loop Hero’s repetition can make its early game quite rote and tedious after a while, are also coming soon. “After that, you can expect to lớn see lots more nội dung added to lớn the game, such as new cards, transformations, classes & new music. We can’t wait lớn nói qua more updates with you all soon!” the studio writes.