The Best Nintendo Switch Games To Play In 2021

How’s this for a fun fact? In November 2020, the same month Sony và Microsoft released much-anticipated next-gene consoles, the Switch outsold every other console in the United States. Those who’ve recently hopped on board the Nintenvày bandwagon might be faced with a question as old as the universe: “What should I play?” We, the writers và editors of, can help. Nintendo’s versatile hybrid features one of the most wide-ranging libraries out there. To help narrow things down, we’ve sầu pinpointed the 18 best games for the Nintenvị Switch.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush

Even if you don’t find golf that appealing in the real world, it’s a different story as soon as Mario steps onto lớn the course. Mario Golf: Super Rush is another excellent addition to lớn the plumber’s sports-based excursions, combining the tight, golf-inspired gameplay of its predecessors with the excesses you’d typically expect from a Mario game. Super shots, wacky golf courses, & even running from shot lớn shot in a mad dash lớn complete holes faster than your opponents combine for an experience that would make Arnold Palmer roll in his grave sầu. Few moments in gaming feel better than lining up the perfect shot & sinking a hole-in-one, especially when you get to lớn see Waluigi’s celebration afterwards.



Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

It’s easy to lớn look at this game & think, oh, an XCOM strategy clone with a cuter skin. But that would be wrong! First off, they gave sầu Mario a freakin’ gun. The game also treats the original genre as a jumping-off point, adding a number of original mechanics that make the game st& apart. You can extend your turns in elaborate ways via dashing, jumping on enemies, and traveling through pipes. If you play your cards right, a single character can take a tour around the entire bản đồ in one go, causing havoc everywhere. The game is also a giant love sầu letter to all things Mario, which is why the Rabbids based on the popular Nintenvì characters work so well—they’re parodying something that Ubisoft understands deeply. By the over of the game, you might even find yourself kicking out the original Mario characters in exchange for the Rabbids. Coupled with an extensive challenge mode & many a secret hiding about, Rabbids is a surprisingly meaty game. Then, of course, there’s DLC that introduces more characters, like Donkey Kong, more challenging levels, và new mechanics. Have sầu we mentioned that the Luigi Death Stare is an actual move?

A Good Match For: Fans of tactical games lượt thích Fire Emblem.

Not A Good Match For: Players looking for a carbon copy of XCOM.

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Watch it in action.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3

Do you love the Halloween season? Do you love sầu spooky stuff? But are you also maybe a bit of weenie và don’t like all the blood, gore, and fear that comes with popular horror games? If so, you should play Luigi’s Mansion 3, a delightful third-person adventure filled with satisfying combat và fun puzzles. The combat is worth mentioning for its satisfying ghost slamming via Luigi’s vacuum pachồng. Plus, Luigi doppelganger Gooigi is in this game. Enjoy a perfectly paced adventure set in a gorgeous haunted khách sạn.

A Good Match For: Fans of đáng yêu ghosts, silly & spooky games, fun puzzles, Luigi, and Halloween.

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Not A Good Match For: People wanting a big, long 80-hour game, folks who dislike any references to ghosts or death, people who hate Luigi or his gooey-clone, & those looking for online PVP. action.