Download anime games for android


There are a lot of anime games khổng lồ play online on the internet. But what about offline anime games? Worry not, anime lovers! These 30 games listed below will be enough to cure your yearning lớn play top-notch anime games without using the internet. Yes! these awesome games can be played offline. Here they are:


26. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel video game based on the theme of a dystopian future in Tokyo. In this dystopian world, people can be arrested in advance for the crime they may commit. There is a công nghệ called Psycho-Pass which scans the possibility of crime that one can commit in near future. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel game that is truthful khổng lồ the original source i.e the Psycho-Pass anime, it is a real spin-off episode that every game thủ will enjoy. It can be said that Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is not, in a traditional sense, a trò chơi as the players have not much to vị but even so it’s quite interesting & entertaining. Story gamers love it for sure và fans of the anime series will find it as delightful as the original series.

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25. Eternal Senia: Hydrangea After The Rain

It is the second in the Eternal Senia trò chơi series. This offline anime game is available both on iOS & Android devices. Here, Little Fairy, Magaleta, & Senia from the first game series return. And, some more characters lượt thích Briella, the Bishop of Balder, Hugo, a mage, and Sophie, a female from the plains near the Tower of Eternity join them. Following the story of last season, together they have to rescue Magaleta, Senia’s sister. And for this, they have khổng lồ gain more powers & become stronger. The trò chơi is an amalgamation of the Idle game tapping genre with a dose of graphic novel storytelling style. Moreover, the characters in the trò chơi can summon help from fellow characters, yield weapons, & upgrade them, & use them to lớn defeat enemies.

24. BlazBlue Centralfiction

BlazBlue Centralfiction follows the story of Ragna in this offline anime game. In the game, he wakes up with all of his memory gone. He does not remember a thing. But, surprisingly, without knowing anything about what’s going on he successfully reaches the 13th Hierarchical city of Kagutsuchi. The players get to play his character và save the world. He is a rebel và the people from the World Void Information Control Organization are constantly following him. With a detailed story and great presentation, this amazing trò chơi has a lot khổng lồ offer to gamers. Apart from that, a lot of interaction & dialogues take place in the making that makes it all the more interesting. There are some emotional scenes too.

23. Octopath Traveler™

Octopath Traveler skillfully keeps us connected khổng lồ the JRPG genre of the trò chơi without making us feel outdated. It features eight travelers và each of them has its own story, origin, & goals in the game. The players can go on an adventure of their choice and make a chất lượng path for themselves. Achieve targets, complete missions, & interact with other people. This whole immersive experience really puts this trò chơi on another level in the role-playing games category. It is a turn-based battling trò chơi with a lot of modern enhancements that will amp up your gaming experience. Moreover, it is an extremely satisfying trò chơi to play with a compelling line of characters. There is always something to lớn look forward to in this game. New challenges, missions, exercises, and adventures await you in this magnificent world.

22. Some Some Convenience Store

It is a dating game with some aspects of business management. The main character of this game works part-time at a convenience store. He gets three dates through a dating application. This trò chơi is quite enjoyable for the players. Each character has a quality personality and charm. One of them is an innocent part-time worker, one of them is a foreign trainee who wants to become a singer, và the last one is a carefree bodyguard. The game gives the playing an immersive experience as they have to manage their love life and their work life in the game.

On one hand, you need lớn go on dates & spend time with the girls and on the other hand, you need khổng lồ manage the store. Tăng cấp the store, launch promotions, and serve the customers nicely. The players get khổng lồ choose their paths and make decisions throughout the game. Moreover, with great voice-acted characters & three love interests, this dating sim trò chơi has a lot to lớn offer to lớn the players.

21. Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

This game is, particularly for Ecchi anime lovers. With an imaginative storyline và interesting features, it appeals to a lot of people who prefer the fantasy genre. Moreover, the storyline of the trò chơi is based on a mystical summer festival that has the power to bring loved ones back from the dead for eight days. The sun-kissed setting with beautiful girls playing on beaches makes it more animated and lively. This offline anime game has good quality designs, graphics, and presentations. Apart from amazing scenes, this game has a lot of sexy elements for its audience. A player can expect a large number of enemies, colorful characters, girls in bikinis, intimacy, và a lot of action on the beach.

20. Muse Dash

As the name suggests, Muse Dash is a simple rhythmic action game. The players need to press the two buttons in rhythm with the song. The enemies come from all sides and the player needs to lớn press these two buttons to lớn jump over them and be safe from them. Also, you get khổng lồ save the world with music and three beautiful girls. It is the perfect duo of the latest music and some action. Almost everyone can play this easy game. It may look intimidating at first, but it is very easy to lớn play. Players can choose their favorite character to be & start their journey of music and actions khổng lồ wipe out all the monsters from the face of the earth. Enjoy this fun khổng lồ play offline anime game và learn some musical notes yourself.

19. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

This game lets you be the nhân vật that you always wanted khổng lồ be. It has some versatile landscapes, a beautiful environment, & a great premise. Moreover, the immersive storyline is lượt thích the cherry on top. The fascinating world of Gun Gale Online with quality features makes it a wonderful game. Actually, it is very similar khổng lồ the anime that it is based upon. Also, the realistic graphics, great presentation, and design look absolutely stunning. Also, the players get lớn choose from an array of weapons lớn fight. A lot of battle scenes & interaction with character makes it a unique game and allow the players khổng lồ get into the game on a deeper level. Moreover, there are numerous levels và abilities that can be unlocked with the gameplay.

18. Long BALL FighterZ

The dragon Ball FighterZ is another classic trò chơi that is based on the super-popular anime ‘Dragon Ball’. It is a fighting trò chơi with amazing fight scenes with numerous powerful enemies. It features high-end fantastic graphics, designs, and superb animation. The fight scenes in themselves are so immersive that the players get hooked to lớn this game. It indeed is one of the most played games with some of the best characters from the series. Apart from that, a lot of amazing modes and features địa chỉ to the list of great things about this game. Also, the trò chơi offers some really interesting conversation in between that interests a lot of fans and it is like an added advantage with all the fun.

17. The Caligula Effect: Overdose

With the theme of fantasy and utopia, this trò chơi does really well in letting the players escape the real world và immersive themselves completely into this virtual world where everything is blurry. Also, with this theme, the trò chơi draws a fine line between reality and fantasy. Moreover, the world that is created for people to go into và forget about their pain and misery is called Mobius. Mu is a sentient virtual idol that created this world. Furthermore, people can relive their high school years happily & go back khổng lồ the sweet old days.

But, just lượt thích nothing is perfect, in this world too, there is something that is not right. It is the player’s mission to lớn not get lost in the fantasy & come to lớn reality. Also, it features so many diverse characters that are all unique. With great combat và social commentary, it is a wonderful trò chơi to play. Moreover, it is actually a cult classic in Japan. It is not just a typical game, it lets the players think và dive deep into the themes of the gameplay.

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16. Criminal Girls: Invite Only

When you get khổng lồ be a program instructor in hell, how would you like to play it? This is exactly what you get to do in Criminal Girls: Invite Only. The player gets the job khổng lồ rehabilitate a group of girls as part of the Reformation Program of hell. But, these girls are not common girls, these are criminals and have committed heinous crimes. So, it falls on your shoulders khổng lồ help these girls atone for their sins before they return to the world. Moreover, in this game, inspire the girls, defeat other enemy convicts & achieve your goals to lớn reach the top positions in hell. Vị you have what it takes khổng lồ coach these girls to lớn work together in tandem and defeat their enemies? If you do, this trò chơi is waiting for you.

15. Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan is one of the most epic anime ever. If you are a fan, then the Attack on Titan 2 trò chơi is a must-try for you. It is the sequel to lớn 2016’s action game. With a lot of new game play features và mechanics, it becomes a very promising game. Immerse yourself into the game and fight the titans just like Eren Yeager. It can be like a dream come true to wear your very own ODM gears & slack the napes of titans that threaten the existence of humanity. Save the people from these monsters that eat them alive. Moreover, join forces with fellow soldiers, become the anh hùng you always saw in the anime, & maintain peace and order within the walls.

14. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

This is the best Digimon game for every Digimon tín đồ out there! The players get to solve the mysteries related lớn Digimon as a detective or hacker. It is a great expedition to lớn go on và enjoy the digital world with the real one. Apart from that, the players get a lot of Digimon to lớn own và raise. So go on & become a Digimon detective in this game. Also, it is a turn-based battle role-playing game that requires you lớn build your own Digimon army. With great unique and superb content, this game is fun and engaging. The trò chơi has great graphics, beautiful and detailed presentation. With the Digifarm và Digiline features, this game really takes the chơi game up a notch & creates a special bond with the Digimons.

13. Disgaea series

Disgaea Series features an imaginary world of Netherworld where the prince has lớn fight to lớn gain his throne back. He bands together with some other allies and with their help tries to lớn win the fight. In this game, a player gets lớn train himself, và become the best warrior lớn fight their enemies. Reach màn chơi 9999 and wreak havoc with your extraordinary fighting skills. Apart from awesome gameplay, the trò chơi has some beautiful graphics that will instantly grab your attention. It really gets the player in the mood for the battle that helps you achieve your goal. With great art style và amazing characters, this unique game sets a fascinating theme & background for the players lớn enjoy.


It is yet another fun, action-packed installment in the Guilty Gear game franchise. The storyline, the music, the art style, the characters, & the presentation; all blend incredibly well. This game is doing so well in creating a seriously entertaining experience for the player. Moreover, the battles are intense too with big combos and burst attacks for the enemies. Also, the trò chơi offers easy movements for the players lớn combine with their characters in the game. All in all this trò chơi does pretty well in connecting the player to the game. Also, the trò chơi is easy to lớn learn và players can evolve with it as they play more. The graphics are great with a crisp look & sharp character style that is unique to each character.


Code Vein is mix in a dystopian future where an unknown disaster pushes everything into ruin. It has a chất lượng post-apocalyptic sci-fi-meets-anime horror genre of games that is certain lớn appeal to lớn a lot of offline anime games fans. Everyone has turned into a bloodthirsty monster. But the society of Revenants called Vein is a hidden society that is fighting for their survival in the game. The players get to lớn make a team & go on a journey to lớn know what is happening & uncover the secrets of the world. Moreover, with great features and tough battles with enemies, this trò chơi has a lot of twists & turns that make it a favorite of many out there.

10. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness và the Secret Hideout

Atelier Ryza is an offline anime trò chơi that lets its player delve into exploration and combat. The story is about a girl and her friends. Also, it is an amazing adventure trò chơi that is set against a gorgeous backdrop. With engaging battles, a lot of explorations, & unique characters, this game is an absolute delight to play. The player’s overall experience is enhanced by awesome graphics and an engaging storyline that keeps you hooked at every step. As you go on, you want khổng lồ see more of this game. One can easily spend hours in this game as they craft better tools và go foraging in the maps.


It is an action, Beat-‘Em-Up offline anime trò chơi from Marvelous Inc. There are a lot of combatants from the Fate university who are fighting side by side. The best thing is that the characters from the same anime series are there in this game. With a simple và cute storyline và awesome characters, this trò chơi knits a wonderful experience that players can’t get enough of. Moreover, players và just fight và destroy everything & everyone around them with their special abilities. Also, there are many costumes for every character that can be unlocked as you play the game. In the game, the main character faces a lot of difficulties & overcomes them.

8. Hyperdimension Neptunia

Hyperdimension Neptunia is an incredible role-playing trò chơi with an original & innovative premise. This is something you have never seen before. Moreover, it has some cool battles, a lot of funny gaming jokes, puns, great design, awesome graphics, và a completely new concept. Just imagine a world where all the gaming console is personified by beautiful girls & engage in a war for supremacy. Yes, this trò chơi is just that. Neptune is the purple-haired goddess who is banished to lớn the mortal world & now she wants to take revenge và become the ultimate goddess. Along with that, as the player, you will also get lớn fight a lot of villains who incessantly harm them.

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7. Valkyria Chronicles™

A strategic turn-based trò chơi from Sega that contains fierce combats & intense battles is what an kích hoạt game fan hâm mộ needs. And, Valkyria Chronicles is all about that. The player gets to be the hero of the trò chơi who is the commander Welkin. You must defend your country at all costs & stop all the enemies from invading. Also, this offline anime trò chơi is beautifully crafted for an epic gaming experience. It is an impressive piece of art that is emotionally gripping, gorgeous, và fun to lớn play. This game is highly recommended for someone who is looking for a good unique strategy RPG for their Switch. Moreover, the rich storyline & incredible characters will make you fall in love with this game.

6. Na-ru-to SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate nin-ja STORM

Expect a lot of action from the naruto Shippuden: Ultimate ninja Storm game. With incredibly powerful characters & a gripping storyline, this game is perfect for gamers in tìm kiếm of action-packed & over-the-top battles. Moreover, fierce fight scenes are presented incredibly well. This will feel nothing short of a masterpiece lớn you. Na-ru-to is already a widely popular anime show and this game does justice to its insane popularity. So, if you are a fan and want some đoạn clip game kích hoạt with your favorite characters, this is the trò chơi for you. Along with a bunch of modes to operate, various attacks, và costumes, it offers up to lớn sixty-one playable characters at your disposal.


The story of the trò chơi follows young Crono who had to travel khổng lồ the past to lớn save his companion. At the Millennial Fair, an experiment goes wrong & it changes the life of Crono. There is an evil force that is hell-bent on destroying the world và you as the anh hùng needs to stop them. Chrono Trigger has an engaging storyline that is unlike anything that you have ever encountered. The players face formidable enemies and move forward in their journey as they indulge in the gaming experience and unveil the mysteries. The journey of the trò chơi takes the player khổng lồ a battle that is against time. The top-notch battle scenes và soundtracks vị justice to lớn the gorgeous setting of the trò chơi overall. Stunning visuals và art style by Akira Toriyama give an immensely satisfying experience as players embark on this journey to save the world.

Dragon Quest XI is an epic trò chơi loved by many worldwide. It is an elegantly made masterpiece that is touted lớn be a must-play game for all rồng Quest fans. It is an offline single-player role-playing game from Square Enix and they have done an incredible job over it. The game starts off as simple but soon as the players get deeper into it, it becomes more complicated with bigger challenges. Also, the theme and backdrops of the game make it addictive. It is a living example of an absolutely fabulous turn-based kích hoạt game. Intense battles, action-packed battles, và smart tactics in the game make it all the more appealing. Moreover, this chất lượng game offers all kinds of enemies with different powers that a player looks forward lớn fighting as they go on.

3. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is a charismatic RPG with an incredibly crafted premise. It is just not an RPG game, it is the definition of an RPG that goes out of its way to make the story gripping và lengthy. With a great storyline, wonderful soundtracks, và strong writing, you are bound khổng lồ love this trò chơi from the beginning. The story follows Estelle and Joshua, who lives in the kingdom of Liberl. They are two adventurers who want lớn become Bracers. Bracers are mercenaries who also serve as police và protect the people of the kingdom.

Along with a fabulous story, the character development in the trò chơi is unparalleled. The intricacies in the game, the involvement of politics, the mysteries, và gruesome assassination, và ancient artifacts all combine to form this epic masterpiece of a game. Overall, the trò chơi is quite capable of keeping the players hooked to lớn their screens for hours và hours.

2. Tales of Berseria™

It is a forty-five hours-long kích hoạt RPG from Bandai Namco Games. It follows the story of Velvet. She is a young woman & is on a dangerous journey of vengeance. To lớn fulfill her ambitions, she joins a crew of pirates and sails across the vast sea. She gets to explore many new places that make for a beautiful backdrop in the game. The game starts with a wonderful day & a kind girl in a forest. But, it suddenly takes a dark turn as she is forced to witness a heinous crime that compels her khổng lồ take revenge no matter who the enemy is. The chơi game is quite engaging and easy. But, the difficulty increases with bigger enemies. With every victory, you can unlock more levels. Overall, it is a great game to invest your time in và get involved in this fantasy world.

1. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden is an award-winning classic role-playing Japanese-style offline anime game. The storyline in the game is set around a rural town- Inaba. This is a coming-of-age story that revolves around our main character và his friends. It follows a trail of serial murders, spirits, feelings, dark sides, và whatnot. It is touted to be one of most finest RPGs ever made. The enthralling storyline, epic discoveries, intense mysteries, quality characters, and quality gameplay all make it worth every minute of your time spent playing it. The best thing about this trò chơi is the connection that the characters make with each other và the players feel relatable lớn them. Gorgeous art styles, amazing writhing, fantastic dialogues, & beautiful soundtracks invoke a strong feeling of warmth that very few games are able to lớn do.

Whether you want khổng lồ become a warlord, or a vampire, or a warrior, or a schoolgoer, these 30 offline anime games will take care of every fantasy of yours. Indulge yourself in an immersive experience of becoming the anh hùng of the world & take responsibility lớn save everyone around you. Yes, the fate of the world may depend on you in this virtual reality. These fabulous games with great graphics, a gripping storyline, and intense actions will surely keep you hooked to lớn them for hours. Và guess what! They are offline, so no need to lớn have superfast internet to enjoy them. Just download them, and play them anywhere anytime.