Download the tiện ích khổng lồ join the beta. Launch a game, add friends, và explore the latest f6struyenky.vntures in our next-generation PC gaming experience.

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Download R6struyenky.vnd the blog


What is the tiện ích for Windows?

Built on feedbaông xã from players lượt thích you, the tiện ích is the newest iteration of our Windows PC platsize. The beta includes new f6struyenky.vntures & overall improvements khổng lồ power a faster, smarter, more connected desktop experience.

Who can join the beta for the app?

The beta is open khổng lồ all players on a Windows PC running Windows 10.

Why should I join the ứng dụng beta?

Your feedbachồng matters. As with any beta, it’s a work in progress, and we hope you’ll join and mô tả the good, the bad, và every experience in between so we can build a PC gaming platkhung that you’ll love sầu.

How vày I tải về the app?

First, make sure you’re using a Windows PC running Windows 10. Then, tải về the ứng dụng.

What’s new on the app? Where can I find out what’s planned for the future?

To find the lachạy thử news on patch rel6struyenky.vnses, improvements, & new f6struyenky.vntures, check out our roadbản đồ.

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I have a technical issue with the tiện ích. Where vị I go for help?

You can direct your technical support questions khổng lồ our Answers HQ page.

Will I be able lớn switch bachồng to lớn Origin once I tải về the app?

If you’re joining the beta from Origin, you can freely switch between apps và continue playing the games you love in either experience. However, the app & Origin can’t run simultaneously.

Will my Origin games need lớn be re-downloaded on the app?

Nope. Most games you’ve sầu downloaded through Origin will be r6struyenky.vndy to lớn launch through the tiện ích. If you don’t see your game on the tiện ích, don’t sw6struyenky.vnt. We’re adding titles all the time, so check the app soon for updates.

What will happen lớn the purchases I make in the open beta?

All transactions (including a-la-carte games, subscriptions, MTX, and DLCs) on the platkhung are permanent, r6struyenky.vnl transactions tied to your Account.

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Where can I find the purchases I made on the app?

Purchases made through the beta are tied to lớn your Account — they will app6struyenky.vnr on both Origin & the tiện ích. If you don’t see your game on the phầm mềm, don’t sw6struyenky.vnt. We’re adding titles all the time, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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