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Stupid Robot looks at everything but understands nothing. Can you help? Teach it as much as you can about the image. As it learns, it’ll want khổng lồ know longer và longer words!

Stupid Robot is a quiông chồng and easy browser game that asks players lớn describe an image they are shown with particular lengths of words. The more word slots they fill, the smarter the robot gets.

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Stupid Robot shows players images from libraries’ digital collections, & simply by playing players contribute data to lớn these libraries and make the images they “tag” more accessible lớn the world.

Libraries and museums across the world have sầu millions digital truyền thông artifacts, such as audio, đoạn Clip, & images that have no tags. Without tags (also known as metadata) describing their nội dung, these artifacts are unsearchable and virtually unusable. Unfortunately, metadata is time consuming & expensive to lớn generate, & many institutions can’t afford lớn tag their collections. Stupid Robot is part of the Metadata Games project, a miễn phí and open source suite of crowdsourcing games built khổng lồ collect metadata with the public’s help. Playing Stupid Robot sends tags baông chồng to the institutions from which the images are drawn, allowing them khổng lồ be more accessible lớn everyone: to the institutions, to lớn researchers, & lớn the public. Play Stupid Robot, save sầu digital truyền thông artifacts from oblivion.

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CreditsExecuting Producer: Mary FlanaganGame Design: Mary Flanagan, Zara Downs, Sukdith Punjasthitkul, Max Seidman, Niông chồng O’LearyResearch: Geoff KaufmanProgramming: Junjie Guan, Xinqi Li, Zara Downs, Sukdith PunjasthitkulArt: Zara Downs Animation: Zara DownsMusic: Matt CatlowAudio Design: Sukdith PunjasthitkulUser Experience Design: Liza Pesenson

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