Rockman x Dive is intriguing as hell. While "Mega Man mobile" is enough lớn scare away entire buildings of people, Dive seems like a very interesting celebration of the series: an "all star" treatment, if you will.

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sản phẩm điện thoại gaming has also come a long way since Rockman Xover, as Divewill tư vấn điện thoại controllers for a classic Mega Manexperience. I"ve heard some good things from folks who have been playing the Asia-region release of the game earlier this year, & now a lot more prospective players can try it for themselves soon enough.

By way of 4Gamer, we have sầu learned that Rockman Divewill be hitting iOS and Android devices in nhật bản this fall. You can pre-register starting todayon both storefronts, at which point you"ll earn extra in-game items for your trouble. As a reminder, it is a free-to-play game with microtransactions.

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You can get a decent look at the gist of the game (the expansive sầu cast) and some of the multiplayer elements in the Clip below.

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Rockman Dive <4Gamer.net>


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