Shadow fight 2

Collect over 400 Champions and take down your opponents in Raid: Shadow Legends. Explore 1+ million Champion builds in this dark fantasy Collection MMORPG!

Can you hold fast in the face of a berserker rage và the northern chill? Find out as you take the reins as a Jarl in our MMORTS game, Vikings: War of Clans!
History is written by the victors! Form alliances và quell those who defy you as you condemo for the Throne & the title of King in this medieval MMORTS game.

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I was hooked instantly by the fun gameplay, exciting champions and amazing graphics. More than a year later, I still play Raid every day và I enjoy it very much.
It never gets boring!!! New Tournaments, new challenges, new units, new features are being integrated in the game on a regular basis.
After 6 years of play, of being day by day with the people with whom one chooses khổng lồ stay, makes the Spartan coalitions a virtual family that shares achievements, goals, adventures.
I love coordinated big wars where hundreds of players try lớn beat their opponents. Even though I have sầu been playing Sparta for the last 6 years, I have sầu never got bored.
One of my favourite pastimes. It’s the diversity in the game over the years with new areas brought in through updates khổng lồ keep the game interesting & challenging for me.
The most important thing for me about Raid, is the variety of ways to accomplish the same task. It is extremely rewarding to come up with a new tactic.

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For me, it has everything - tactics, goals, targets, strategy and most importantly great people who play it. I have sầu made so many friends over the years from all around the globe.
The graphics are awesome, & everyone knows that. However what keeps me playing is the theory crafting. I love thinking up new combinations, new teams.
Over the years the game has changed a lot, many new features were introduced with the aim of making us have sầu more fun! At the moment I lượt thích some tournaments very much.
I am fascinated by the many possibilities of the game itself. Everyone can choose certain events & tournaments for their style of play.
The game captivated me 101% from the beginning. There are lots of variables khổng lồ take account of, variables that sometimes change totally the output of a fight.

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Interesting game! There's a lot of beautiful characters, and most importantly, the gameplay is not dull. I liked that you can build the city simultaneously. I'm looking forward to more new levels!
Awesome battles with unparalleled action!! GREAT game with GREAT tư vấn. I also like the fact makes sure the game is fun for all ages!
The graphics are amazing, và the developers come out with new content regularly. Joining a clan & competing in the competitions is the best part though.
The game has quality battle mechanics, some of which are impossible without interacting with other players, và it was these mechanics that drew me khổng lồ this game.
Great game mechanics, endless kingdoms lớn fight. Superb game for all levels from beginner khổng lồ kết thúc game. Fighter or farmer? It does not matter, plenty of content for all!
I feel both rewarded and challenged. The player interaction is also something that appeals khổng lồ me. I have sầu made some good friends over the years through this game.
People from many backgrounds play together & as they become friends I think social barriers break down. I have met consultants, truckers, students from all over the world.


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