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Double-A Affiliate

Law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to lớn intoxicated persons. Patrons purchasing alcohol must be at least 21 years of age & must provide proof of proper age. Alcohol sales are stopped at the beginning of the 8th inning in a normal game, and after the 5th inning in the second game of a doubleheader. On $1 Beer Nights, sales are stopped during the 7th inning stretch. Alcohol sales at the Busch Scoreboard Bar will continue throughout the game, except when the outfield areas are cleared for a fireworks show.

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Special announcements can be made over the PA system or on the Video Board for only $100 each. Announcements must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance of the game. Please Call (918) 744-5998 khổng lồ find out more information.


For the convenience of ONEOK Field patrons, ATM machines are located at the Homeplate Entrance, the Arvest (First Base) Entrance, và the Archer Entrance in the outfield.


Fans can attempt lớn obtain autographs from players và coaches from the time the gates open until trăng tròn minutes prior khổng lồ the start of the game. At that time, ushers will inform fans that they must return to their seats.


Baby changing tables are located in both the men"s and women"s restrooms of ONEOK Field.


All bags entering ONEOK Field are subject khổng lồ inspection.


Banners that are not commercial, political or obscene may be displayed, provided they bởi not block the view of any other fans. Banners may not be hung from the playing field retaining wall & may not cover existing stadium signs.


Youth baseball camps & clinics are held at ONEOK Field each spring và summer. Young baseball và softball players have the chance to get first-h& instruction from the Drillers players & coaches. To learn the schedule and cost details, visit TulsaDrillers.com or Gọi (918) 574-8341.


Birthday parties for groups of 10 or more children are available during Drillers trang chủ games. The tiệc nhỏ will include a special cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Drillers-themed gifts & exclusive sầu early entrance inkhổng lồ the Drillers Splash Zone và Hornsby"s Hangout. For more information, liên hệ the Drillers at (918) 574-8341.


The new Busch Scoreboard Bar is located beneath the ONEOK Field đoạn phim board & is a great place lớn catch the game with friends while enjoying your favorite beverage. The bar remains open after the conclusion of many weekover games.


The Cadillac Stadium Club is located on the Suite Level of ONEOK Field & is open to all Club Seat và Suite Ticket Holders. It provides a comfortable, air-conditioned setting & is the perfect place to find a pre-game meal or any adult beverage of your choice. The newly remodeled outdoor seating area offers a great view of the game.


Still and video clip cameras are allowed inside ONEOK Field for Drillers games. Professional camera and Clip equipment, such as tripods, are not allowed.


A complimentary charging station is available for all fans, compliments of U.S. Cellular. The charging station is located on the concourse just inside the home page plate entrance.


Drillers Management reserves the right to revoke tickets of any patrons using obscene or abusive sầu language, exhibiting inappropriate behavior, infringing upon the rights of others lớn enjoy the game, or who appear to lớn be intoxicated. Fans that enter the playing field or interfere with the play of the game are also subject khổng lồ immediate ejection.


The Conference Center at ONEOK Field can provide a great setting for your organization or group. From weddings to meetings to luncheons, the Conference Center will make sure your next event is unique. It is available for booking all year long. For more information or to book an sự kiện visit TulsaDrillers.com or call (918) 744-5998.


The Drillers accept VISA, MasterCard & Discover for payment of tickets, merchandise, food và beverages at all fixed concession stands & the main beer portables.


ONEOK Field is conveniently located in the historic Greenwood District at 201 N. Elgin in downtown Tulsa. From Interstate 244, take the Cincinnati/Detroit Exit (6A). Go north two blocks & take a right (east) on John Hope Franklin Boulevard. Go one bloông chồng and take a right (south) on Elgin Avenue. Go .25 miles khổng lồ ONEOK Field. From Highway 51, merge onlớn U.S. Highway 75 North & take the Downtown/7th Street Exit. Go two blocks on 7th Street before turning right (north) onkhổng lồ Elgin Avenue. Go .7 miles lớn ONEOK Field.


A stadium bản đồ and directory is located just inside each of the five entrances lớn ONEOK Field.


The Tulsa Drillers & ONEOK Field enforce the Notices to Airmen policy released by the Federal Aviation Administration that prohibits the operation of drones over a stadium from one hour prior lớn an sự kiện or game until after the conclusion of the event or game.


ONEOK Field is equipped with two elevators to help assist individuals with access to all levels of the stadium. An elevator is located on the concourse behind home page plate & another is located in the Drillers Offices along Elgin Avenue. Proper credentials và tickets are needed for access to all areas of the stadium.


Emergency vehicle service is provided at all Drillers home page games courtesy of AAA. Light service is available to lớn all ONEOK Field patrons at no charge. More extensive service is subject khổng lồ charge. Fans needing road service can contact AAA through Guest Services.


Individuals interested in employment with the Tulsa Drillers can find a downloadable Employee Application at TulsaDrillers.com. Completed forms can be submitted at the team"s offices or at Guest Services during games.

Fan Hâm mộ MAIL

Fans wanting khổng lồ skết thúc mail lớn any Drillers player can send it to lớn the player"s attention in care of the Tulsa Drillers, 201 N. Elgin Ave sầu., Tulsa, OK 741đôi mươi.


The Tulsa Fire Department EMS is available at each trang chủ game for assistance and emergency transportation. Fans needing first aid or medical assistance should locate a security officer or a stadium usher or visit Guest Services on the stadium concourse behind trang chính plate.


Outside food và beverages may not be brought into lớn the stadium.


Fans are encouraged lớn keep any ball that is thrown or hit inlớn the stands at ONEOK Field. However, any ball or bat entering the stands can be dangerous và fans should be alert at all times. Drillers management is not liable for any injuries resulting from such causes.


Fans can join the family of Drillers full season members & ensure they catch every exciting pitch at ONEOK Field this year. With a season membership, fans save over 40% versus single game ticket prices and enjoy many exclusive benefits. Full season plans are available in a number of locations and pricing options. For more information visit TulsaDrillers.com or hotline (918) 744-5901.


Stadium gates normally open 65 minutes prior lớn game time. Opening times may vary or change depending on the schedule & the promotion.


All giveaway items are for fans with a paid admission only. Fans with complimentary tickets (i.e. không tính phí tickets) do not receive giveaway items. Some giveaway items are designed for specific age ranges (for example, adults, ages 18+, kids 12 and under or all fans) và this designation will be promoted exclusively online. All giveaway items are distributed to fans entering the Arvest (Elgin Ave sầu. và Brady St.) and Oil Derriông xã (Elgin Ave sầu. & Archer St.) entrances only. Only one giveaway thành tích will be handed out per person, per entry. If fans purchase additional tickets for giveaway items, they must exit the stadium and go lớn the end of the line lớn receive another thắng lợi, if all the giveaway items are still available. All promotions, dates và times are subject lớn change. Please visit TulsaDrillers.com for all information.


Groups of đôi mươi or more people can purchase Drillers tickets for a discounted price. Group rates are available for all home games and tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance of the game. For more information, visit TulsaDrillers.com or call (918) 744-5901.

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Guest Services is located on the stadium concourse behind home page plate và is open from the time the gates open until the conclusion of the game. Fans may get information, offer suggestions or register complaints at Guest Services. It is also a general location for Lost và Found, Lost Child/ Parent, check in for on-field games & for claiming prizes.


Hornsby is the Drillers biggest người và is our official mascot. Hornsby appears at all home games to lớn entertain fans và to lớn interact with kids of all ages. He is also available for private bookings. To schedule a Hornsby appearance, visit TulsaDrillers.com or hotline (918) 574-8375.


Young fans will want to be sure & stop by Hornsby"s Hangout during their visit khổng lồ ONEOK Field. This special game area is located on the concourse in left field. Admittance wristbands can be purchased for $6.00 each & allow for unlimited access and use of all the games in the area.


Selected internships are sometimes available within the Drillers organization. Positions are generally filled in the fall with the internship running from January through the over of the season. If you are interested in a position, tương tác the Drillers Office at (918) 744-5998.


Each night one lucky người is selected lớn be featured on the video clip board as they yell "Play Ball" into a microphone to officially declare the start of the game.


Items found within the stadium should be taken to Guest Services. If you discover that you have sầu lost an sản phẩm after you leave sầu the stadium, you can call the Drillers offices during normal business hours lớn inquire about the chiến thắng at (918) 744-5998.


Lost children will be taken to lớn the Guest Services Area located on the stadium concourse behind home plate. If you should become separated from a child, insize a stadium usher or a security officer and/or report lớn Guest Services.


Before each season, the Drillers conduct open tryouts to lớn find candidates to lớn sing the National Anthem. Interested individuals or groups are encouraged lớn visit TulsaDrillers.com in January for complete tryout details.


Drillers Management reserves the right to lớn temporarily confiscate any device that affects the enjoyment of the game for others or is deemed potentially dangerous. This includes loud noisemakers, laser pens và other such items.


Every ticket that is purchased for a Drillers game is now subject lớn a $1 fee as assessed by the State of Oklahoma effective July 1, 2017. The fee is not included in the listed price of the ticket.


Abundant parking is available in many locations around ONEOK Field. During Friday through Sunday games, không tính tiền parking is available in selected lots on the OSU-Tulsa campus, just north of the stadium.


Groups can enhance their outing at ONEOK Field with a pre-game picnic in the Osage Casino Pavilion. The pavilion is available for 2 hours, beginning when the gates are open. For more information or to book a group, visit TulsaDrillers.com or Hotline (918) 744-5901.


All Drillers games, home and away, can be heard live sầu on Sports Radio AM 1430, The Buzz. Dennis Higgins, the Voice of the Drillers, describes all the action throughout the season. Games can also be heard on TulsaDrillers.com or with the iHeartRadio ứng dụng.


If a game is postponed because of bad weather, the ticket holder may exchange that ticket for a Drillers home page game of their choice, subject khổng lồ certain exceptions. The holder is entitled to lớn the same price ticket, subject to availability. There are no monetary refunds given.


Men"s & women"s restrooms are available at three convenient locations throughout the stadium. All restrooms are equipped khổng lồ service wheelchair patrons và provide baby changing stations. A Family Restroom is located behind trang chính plate & at Oiler"s Alley in the outfield.


Security officers are on duty at all Drillers home page games và are available to assist in most situations. You can obtain security assistance through Guest Services or by contacting a stadium usher. ONEOK Field is monitored 24/7 by Digi Security Systems, Digi Security Systems is the Official Security System of the Tulsa Drillers và ONEOK Field.


Young fans can take a break from the game and cool off in the Splash Zone that is located on the concourse behind the centerfield wall. The Splash Zone is không tính phí for all guests.


Two Party Suites are available for rental during each Drillers home game. The suites accommodate trăng tròn persons each & include an all-you-can-eat meal. For more information or to lớn book, visit TulsaDrillers.com or điện thoại tư vấn (918) 744-5901.


The T.D. Williamson Kid"s Zone is a free playground area located in right-centerfield, primarily for children ages 6 & under.


The Team store is located on the first base side of ONEOK Field. It is stocked with a complete line of Tulsa Drillers caps, jerseys and more. It is open until approximately đôi mươi minutes after the conclusion of the game và is also open from 10-5 Monday through Friday on non-game days and throughout the offseason.


Individual tickets for all Drillers home page games are on sale throughout the baseball season, based on availability. The most convenient way khổng lồ purchase individual tickets is through the team"s official trang web TulsaDrillers.com. They are also available over the phone by calling (918) 744-5901. Individual tickets may also be purchased in person at the ONEOK Field Ticket Office located at 201 N. Elgin Ave. Children, ages three and under, bởi vì not need a ticket for entry assuming they will be sitting on a parent/guardian"s lap. On game days during the week, the ticket office opens at 8:30AM và remains open until the conclusion of the game. For weekover games, the office opens at 12:00PM on Saturdays và at 10:00AM for Sunday day games, và at 2:00PM for Sunday night games. On non-game days, it is open Monday through Friday from 8:30-5.


For the health and comfort of others, tobacteo use & the use of vapor or e-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere in ONEOK Field. Tobacco-Use areas, as well as vapor use areas are located outside stadium gates. Fans must have sầu their hands stamped before exiting the stadium if they desire to lớn return. Fans that fail to lớn comply with these policies may be subject lớn ejection from the stadium.


The official trang web for the Drillers is www.TulsaDrillers.com. It is the place to lớn go for updated information on everything related lớn the team. Be sure to also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The Tulsa Drillers are the Double-A affiliate of the National League"s Los Angeles Dodgers and vì chưng not hold open tryouts for potential players. Players interested in trying lớn join the Drillers team should contact the Dodgers directly at LADodgers.com.


Water fountains, with wheelchair access, are located near Guest Services behind home page plate, on the first base side by the souvenir shop, và in centerfield by Oiler"s Alley.


As defined in Oklahoma Senate Bill 1733 (Concealed Carry Law), weapons are prohibited in "any sporting aremãng cầu during a professional sporting sự kiện." Any person not specifically excluded from this law who attempts lớn enter ONEOK Field with a weapon will be denied admittance.


There are several Wheelchair Accessible locations throughout ONEOK Field. Tickets for these locations may be purchased in advance or at the game & are subject to availability.


A complimentary WIFI signal is available for patrons in the seating sections of ONEOK Field.

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WILL CALLThe Will Hotline window is located at the ONEOK Field Ticket Office at 201 N. Elgin Avenue.

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