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GetAmped 2 is a không tính tiền fighting MMO trò chơi that follows the work made on Splash Fighters. In this trò chơi players enter the thành phố of Wingdom and choose a fighter from five different classes. After learning the basics by battling the trainer in the tutorial, it’s time lớn decorate the player’s room, explore the Wingdom city & fight other players. After all, that’s what GetAmped 2 is about.

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There are two battle modes to enter. The PvP mode pitches players against each other in the Stadium, while cooperative missions are started in the Mega Force HQ.

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Pentium 3 1.2 GHz or better


Any GPU with 32MB VRAM

Additional Notes

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This trò chơi is honestly one of the worst ones i"ve ever played in my life..........Its SO horrible, it used too be good now its freakin" terrible -Sometimes the page were it checks the updates won"t even stay up. -You dont even need to give anybody your thư điện tử and still get hacked. -Lag literally almost breaks the game. -It just crashes out of nowhere. -Some of the Weapons are so Identical (Ex. Absolute zero & Nova Blaze. -Sometimes when you pay for cresent they dont even send it to lớn you in the mail. -The game gets really boring after awhile. -They have the exact same events year after year to lớn be honest though, Its not as terrible as it is. The gameplay is fun và The fact that you can create your own skins is cool.But it still doesn"t biến hóa for how bad it is.I just wish that they"d bởi something in the game that makes it at least somewhat more popular.
I totally understand & agree with people who says that it"s pay khổng lồ win. But since GA2 is free to play, developers like CyberStep has khổng lồ find a way to lớn make money from their game by selling higher unique weapons for gamers who buy Cash/Cresent. Furthermore, I honestly think that CyberStep is not being greedy. Just like in real life, if you go to war with better equipments than your opponents, you will gain an advantage.
Getamped 2 is a 3 chiều Fighter game. (Sport) Many People used to lớn play Getamped 2 back in 2011 when the population was active but now it is less Active than ever. Why? because there a reason you don"t see khổng lồ much Room host in PVP và PVE.

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--------------------------------------------------- 1. Strong Weapon can be easily abuse on short edge maps in Team DeathMatch or Deathmatch. 2. The Community is very Nasty lớn new player in term of their rank not being good enough. 3. Cyberstep has a big mistake of not listening to lớn the Community feedback on the problem with there Server and the game itself now. -------------------------------------------------- This game used to lớn take skill but it is no longer what it used khổng lồ be anymore now all you see is bad player using Strong weapon lớn get a win in the game. (I Mean Depression Community State) ------------------------------------------------- I Highly don"t Recommend this game anymore.
PAY to lớn WIN, noobs with less skills can still beat you, they pay loads of money lớn get weapons which have: Huge hit-box, huge damage, fast recovery, etc....even if you are more skilled or faster you would still get beaten up. To be more specific, sometime it feels lượt thích I"m a human fighting with Gods..
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Getamped 2
5 years ago
(+Pro) + 10 style Classes + Great Customization + Good Storyline + Housing System + Many Different Weapon + Skin Editor --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-Con) - tin tặc can ruin the game - Unbalance Weapon - Small Population - Bugs - Gender locked Character - Unstable server - No English Voice Actor - Lack of game mode --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Rate: 4/5 (Great) The trò chơi is fun but the Community is very nasty in it state.
One thing that can turn people off when playing this trò chơi is the "pay to win" factor, but everything will mostly depend on your combat skill. You can have a newbie weapon & still be able khổng lồ defeat players with overpowered weapons, but you just have lớn improve your skill on basic fighting. This trò chơi has a huge strategy factor, pretty much lượt thích any other fighting game, but a bit more vital. Once you learn the moves and tricks of the combat mechanics, you can anticipate your next move và other player"s moves, as well. There is a practice mode for people lớn experiment with different moves and combos, but it"s also best to experiment first-hand against other players. You may thua kém many, many matches when first starting, but you"ll soon get the feel of the unique combat in the game. All in all, for players who just want to win win win, this trò chơi is most certainly not for you, but for anyone who enjoys a unique experience và fun combat, then you"ll love GetAmped 2. Now let"s talk about some of the features to lớn this game. The customization is very, very good. You can create your own skins or upload other people"s skins lớn have your very own quality character. There are also clothes in the market that you can buy, as well. The weapons in the trò chơi have incredible designs. New weapons get added to lớn the trò chơi frequently, so the arsenal seems endless. The choices are also vast, ranging from swords khổng lồ guns and many other wacky weapons that will make your fighter a huge badass. One thing that you must understand, though, is that at least 90% of these weapons (mostly the OP ones) can only be bought with Crescents, which is trò chơi money that must be bought with real money. You can also earn Crescents other ways, like by signing in every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) và earning them from special events và giveaways. Occasionally, there is also a sale in the market where the Crescent weapons are đôi mươi or 40 percent off. I suggest saving up your Crescents and waiting for those sales khổng lồ come by, and you can get more for less. I don"t mind buying Crescents, mainly because I really love playing around with the weapons. 10$ will get you 1000c, which, normally, would only get you 2 weapons at the most, so what I do is I occasionally pay 10$ & save up 1000 at a time. When the sale comes, I kết thúc up having maybe 1500c and I can go crazy in the shop. There are also draw machines in the market. There"s one draw machine that you can use regular in-game money for, but the machine doesn"t normally give anything rare or even decent. They may put a Crescent weapon in the yellow ball occasionally but chances of winning a yellow ball with that specific weapon are very low. Other draw machines can only be paid for with Crescents, but the weapons you may win are much more rare. If you want to use these machines, I suggest saving up the money. There are many stages in the game, but most people prefer playing on a stage called Ayvon, which, for newcomers, can take a minute to get used to fighting on. Trò chơi missions can be a real pain. Of course, you start of with simple missions that make the game feel easy, but you"ll soon run into insanely difficult missions that are near impossible to lớn beat without a useful weapon (namely a projectile weapon). Luckily, there are people in the trò chơi who can help you with missions. If you feel that you don"t have a good enough weapon, other people who do can join your room và help out. All in all, this trò chơi is not for everyone. I enjoy fighting games a lot, from Street Fighter to lớn Super Smash Bros. The reason I love playing GetAmped 2 is because of its vast customization, chất lượng combat mechanics, and amount of playable weapons. The point is that you shouldn"t rush this game. It takes time to get used khổng lồ it, but once you do, it will feel very rewarding.
Getamped2 (+Pro) + 100 different weapon style (class locked) + 10 style class + 8 trò chơi mode match + Good Customization -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-Con) - Unstable hệ thống - Toxic Community - Pay to lớn win - Less Active playerbase - hacker can ruin the game - less active forum - Customer support lacking - Unbalance weapon - Heavy grind
A really fun & addicting anime fighting game with an overwhelming amount of customization options. There are so many unique and interesting features in this trò chơi to keep you occupied that you hardly will get bored. The fighting system is real time, intense and has a huge skillfactor. While weapons bought from the premium store are better than the ones in the normal store, the amount of skill a player has greatly influence the outcome of battles. The customization in this game is deep và vast. The skin system is a chất lượng character customization system which allow you to lớn edit your character from coloring and drawing down khổng lồ editing polygons. The only limit is the amount of creativity one have. You can then save your character inte a skin2 file which you can load whenever you want. There"s also a music creating system called KDJ-Plus that allows you khổng lồ create your own music with classical 8-bit sounds. I personally haven"t experimented alot with it since the UI and layout is pretty hard lớn understand but I"ve heard songs from games lượt thích Pokemon, Rockman và even pop music! There"s also a weapon inherital system which further enhances the creativity factor. Once again I"ve never seen this amount of customization in any other game. The inherital system allows weapons to lớn further evolve by giving or replacing some moves of other weapons. Lớn explain it briefly, you can basically make a flower weapon spawn a giant a** fire dragon lớn blow people away. There are two big negative things about Getamped2, one is that the learning curve has become too steep for newer players which I know can turn a lot of people off. The game has been around for awhile so it"s hard to catchup skillwise to the older players. The other negative thing... Or maybe not negative but it might be a slight turnoff for people, would be the childish community, literally(if not in age then in mind). Although this doesn"t have anything to vị with the actual trò chơi I feel lượt thích this should be mentioned. If you have had some experience in the community from Rumblefighter or League of legends, they have some similarities. The competitiveness in Getamped2 creates this atmosphere which makes you unable to relax. That"s atleast what I personally feel. I still feel lượt thích this trò chơi is worth trying because of the uniqueness in this game and I"d totally recommend it to lớn friends, especially if they lượt thích anime or just cool fighting games in general. 9/10.