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There"s a trò chơi that has dominated our lives for so long we’d started to lớn believe we would never stop playing it. Lunchtimes were the highlight of the day, not because we got to stuff our faces with overpriced sandwiches, but because the whole building would launch Counter-Strike & start shooting the hell out of each other. Then we"d go home and play it online. This was actually considered normal. But in the last six months our enthusiasm has waned to lớn such a degree you’re more likely khổng lồ catch the ZONE monitors displaying exciting games of Solitaire come 1 pm. Some people have gone so far as khổng lồ uninstall Half-Life from their machines & go và sit in the park for an hour. This is now actually considered normal.It"s not that surprising really. Although CS is still the most popular online shooter by far, it’s reaching the end of its long life cycle. And there"s a whole bunch of titles snapping at its heels fighting to replace it, with Global Ops the first one out of the bag.

Masses Against The Classes

While the similarities with CS are obvious (it"s no coincidence that developer Barking Dog was involved in the Beta 5 version) it’s the differences that will determine its success. And there are more than a few. The first & most obvious is that Global Ops follows the time-honoured tradition of that other massive Half-Life mod, Team Fortress, & introduces a class system.Choosing lớn be a demolitions expert, sniper, commando, medic, recon or heavy gunner limits which weapons you can buy and how you play the game, although the constraints are nowhere near as rigid as they are in Team Fortress. You can even pick up weapons belonging khổng lồ other classes once you’re on the battlefield. There’s also the option to be a strategist directing operations as the Intelligence Officer, although, we’re not sure this idea will take off online.

Each mission is set in a real-world location, & brings along with it a pseudo-plot involving more diverse objectives than CS players are used to. While there are still a lot of hostage rescue và bombing missions, you also have to retrieve chemical substances or take command of a ship. You’re hardly encouraged lớn become engrossed in a story but each cấp độ has its own mix of skins for both sides, making it easier lớn believe it"s a real setting rather than one of Counter-Strike"s anonymous sandboxes. This aspect also makes Global Ops one of the best multi-racial games around, since in missions in places lượt thích Uganda and Peru you play the local law enforcement or resident bad guys instead of a self-important Western force that sticks its nose into every foreign country.

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Staying Single?

Global Ops also features a single-player campaign, but you shouldn"t go into this expecting Unreal Tournament or Quake III. The single-player trò chơi is very much lượt thích a training ground where you can learn the sometimes very large maps và the locations of key areas without making a fool of yourself in front of other people. Once you have learned the ropes though, you won’t want to stick around offline very long. Although the bots are programmed to carry out the mission objectives, the Al is nowhere near good enough lớn compare to lớn a multiplayer game. You can give your team simple orders (like retreat or back you up, although they usually ignore them anyway). You can click on a couple of them to follow you lượt thích Half-Life guards, but stealth và tactics play no part in it. Both sets of bots just run wildly ahead & start shooting until they’re gunned down. Most of the time they complete the missions without you even knowing what’s going on or where they’ve gone, reinforcing the idea this is just a way of learning the levels, not a game in itself.

It helps that you don’t have lớn sit out a round every time you die. Taking a leaf out of the Return to lớn Castle Wolfenstein book, there are reinforcement periods where you can return or, if you prefer, you can just lie on the floor writhing in agony until a medic comes và revives you.

No Dust

It’s quite difficult khổng lồ say at this early stage whether Global Ops is a real challenger - online games usually take a few months before either establishing themselves ordisappearing down the pan. The LithTech engine doesn’t really offer much of an improvement over Counter-Strike in the graphics department và we’re not convinced the maps can compete with the likes of Dust, Militia & Italy. Besides, Counter-Strike is usually played as a team deathmatch - killing the other side being loads more fun than completing objectives - và Global Ops is very much an objective-driven game.

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Expect a reviews update soon, when the whole thing kicks off properly online and the first mods start lớn trickle in. After all, this is just the beginning.