Gpd win 2: handheld game console for aaa games


Owning a portable handheld game console capable of running 3A games such as GTA5 has always been the dream of many gamers, but even the best handheld representative product in the industry lượt thích PSV, 3DS, và NS cannot make it. That is because from the perspective sầu of hardware design, the better performance the handheld has, the higher values are required for the device kích cỡ, power consumption, heat release và weight. However, what a real handheld design pursues is the feature of portability, compactness, small heat productivity & long battery-life.

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Last year, we successfully launched WIN, the first 5.5-inch PC handheld game console based on the Windows platkhung in the industry. The significance of this machine lies in the fact that many games that could only be played in front of a television or a computer in the past can, for the first time, run on a portable handheld. However, we understvà that the first generation of WIN may have sầu many deficiencies, especially in the aspect of performance and heat dispersion.


We are committed lớn developing a handheld game console that can run 3A games smoothly in a real sense. At the same time the heat-dissipation, power consumption, device weight, portability, battery-life and other indicators must be taken inlớn account. Thus, we have gone through a product development period of nearly 8 months khổng lồ introduce you a new generation of our products: WIN2




The framework of the cover is of light, strong magnesium alloy material lớn avoid deformation- induced screen bending. The rounded edge design shows more affinity. The blaông xã removable ABS cover can be replaced by stamping process made zinh alloy stereoscopic cover, or it can be pasted with personalized metal stickers và adhesive sầu stickers. To perfectly create your quality ultimate dynamic 3 chiều heavy metal styled handheld by yourself.

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For lightweight kiến thiết, the machine’s body uses ABS material. The 3D rocker is still of sink-style design. Unique arc metallic film keys, more suitable for blind operation. The kiến thiết of 360 handle-style ABXY key, still retains double-character screen printing technique. The less commonly used D mode is removed from the handle/mouse switch, simplifying the overall kiến thiết. The machine body toàn thân, keyboard và handle are in a highly uniformed color, which bring out the best of the kiến thiết. With an elegant appearance, matt UV spray provides you with a delicate feel. The machine is as fine as art from color kiến thiết to lớn material application.

At the back of machine, the trigger key L1/L2/L3, R1/R2/R3 are arranged on both sides. At the same time, all the interfaces are designed on the baông xã, in the order of Type C, 3.5mm headphone, USB 3.0, Micro SD thẻ, Micro HDXiaoMI and hot air outlet, with quite compact layout, bringing out the best of the kiến thiết.

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In order khổng lồ facilitate players to lớn replace the SSD, the D surface of the WIN 2 is designed with a slot, enabling the SSD be inserted obliquely, with a plug-in cover on the top. The copper nuts are embedded in the sealing, và it is fixed using copper screws, which effectively guarantees that the SSD is connected with the M.2 interface closely even in the extreme drop state.

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