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The 5 best zombie mods for gta 5

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SIMPLE ZOMBIE MOD v1.0.2d Shout out khổng lồ Reyser for helping me out with the mod! Image Credits: Henry Tux INSTALLATION: Add the .dll và .pdb files from the zip to the scripts thư mục. (Your C:/GTA5Directory/scripts/) NATIIVE UI GOES IN YOUR SCRIPTS FOLDER USAGE: Once in game you can hit "I" to lớn bring up the inventory, and craft items with C, & show how khổng lồ make the items with F.You can hit F10 to bring up the zombies thực đơn.You can go up khổng lồ a bodyguard and press E lớn configure him/her.When in front of a vehicle with low engine health, "E" khổng lồ repair it. NOTES: Zombie are attracted to lớn noise so be weary of that or you may attract the horde. Manage your survivors so they won"t shoot when you don"t want them lớn. (Remember that you can apply tasks lớn all survivors at once).This IS a survival mod, so food and sleep need khổng lồ be managed, make sure you hunt for food and loot for resources regularly so you can stay alive in this cold new world.If you run into lớn a "friendly" group, try not to lớn shoot at them. During a zombie apocalypse there is no such thing as being civil.Build up your camp, và recruit new survivors. Remember that you can tell them lớn stay behind và "Chill" if needed.Manage weapons you tóm tắt with your group. After all, weapons are the key to having the upper hvà against dangerous enemies.Craft walls & barricades lớn keep zombies from entering your safe zone. The thực đơn key-codes are editable in the .ini file that is created after you run the game with the thủ thuật. CHANGELOG: v1.0.2dFixed water bug where the player was not able lớn get water from ocean or lakes.Fixed resource limit where you could not craft weapon crates.Patched vehicle spawning so they won"t always spawn in walls.Added some vehicle damage khổng lồ windows & doors on certain cars.Added vehicle parts & repair kit required for fixing vehicles.Turned off vending machines.Fixed bandages so they will give sầu both health and armor.Fixed ammo crafting so you don"t craft as much ammo.Sorted ammo crafting menu by weapon group instead of weapon.Fixed small spelling mistake. v1.0.2cInventory & Loot PatchRe-balanced the inventory limits.Water gives more thirst.Packaged food gives more hunger và very little thirst.Removed the controller button for now.Loot crate drops are more rare. (20% chance)Merry-weather peds shouldn"t linger around anymore even after finishing the loot drop. v1.0.2b1Fixed script crash after saving guards.Night time is extremely dangerous. một nửa of the zombies are fast zombies, so you better craft some ammo or sleep through the night!Added more room for consumable inventory items. v1.0.2bFixed script crash after being in restricted area with survivors enabled.Fixed timer bar not appearing for crate drops.Changed keycode for recruiting survivors.Fixed ammo creation bug giving too much ammo.Fixed survivors spawning too cthất bại to lớn the player.Fixed some survivors not spawning.Fixed loot drop giving too many items.Fixed script crash after saving vehicle before loading vehicles first. v1.0.2Completely re-wrote the mod.Prison gates are now open (sometimes the announcer general dude still talks but I don"t think that"s changeable).Inventory has sản phẩm limits. (Don"t worry I"ll add a loot container soon)Zombies are pretty much the same, but the performance loss is completely gone.You can clear out restricted areas of zombies (airport, prison, docks, etc)Weather randomly changes after waking up from sleeping.Added ammo crafting on the work benches.Added full controller tư vấn (Dpad left to open inventory and to navigate to lớn the menu).Added new buildable inventory items và resources.Added ability khổng lồ lock/unloông chồng doors và gates.Added the ability to save/load map, guards, và vehicles.There are two different types of air-drops (loot and weapons).Some craftable tòa tháp models have sầu changed.A LOT of bug fixes.Most in-game options are now on the menu for quicker access instead of the .ini tệp tin.Zombie damage is configurable.Fast zombies are a lot harder in hand-to-hvà combat, & they will have a greater chance of tackling you.The survivor (guard) menu has changed.Fixed bug where guards sometimes won"t follow you or the menu won"t open for them.There is now a limit to a number of survivors you can have in your group. v1.0.1cZombies are WAY more aware of their surroundings and they"re a lot more sensitive to lớn sound now.Silencers are now craftable & work with any weapon that can have sầu one.Added customizable militia vehicle mã sản phẩm to ini. Make sure you know the exact mã sản phẩm name before entering it.Zombie hearing range has been increased (configurable in .ini file).Zombie health is now configurable in the .ini file.You can now create water from a bottle, beach water, và a camp fire.Added facial animations to runners.You can sneak behind zombie up lớn a certain point before they notice you.Added new "dirty water" resource that can be used to lớn make clean water.It"s way easier to lớn sleep now, & nearby enemies will be marked on your maps if there are any. If you"re in an area where pedestrians usually spawn like đô thị streets etc. don"t expect for it to always be miễn phí of zombies, that"s just the nature of the game. v1.0.1bAdded fast zombies (enabled via .ini file). They will tackle you, và make sure that you don"t stand a chance in cthua thảm combat.Optimized a bit of the performance issues.Added ability lớn loot 24/7 shops.Updated script so it will not overwrite maps (for now until I add oto save/loading).Added new "Thirst" stat.Added 1 new inventory item và 1 new resource. v1.0.1aPolished some distance calculations.Still working on optimizations.Fixed blip sprites appearing on maps for non-blip objects.Added new banner to lớn weapon crates thực đơn. v1.0.1Zombies eat dead body"s.Optomized some of the performance issues (still looking into it).Added some debug warnings when models don"t load properly.No longer using subtitles for showing that survivors are nearby.Changed repair vehicle button. v1.0.0bFixed invisible mã sản phẩm bug when building walls, & stairs. v1.0.0aFixed maps not loading after game load, it should work 100% of the time now. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues. Thank you! v1.0.0Added new inventory items (stairs/doors/weapon container/flashlight).Zombies are now killed instantly by hits to the head from melee weapons (They have sầu lớn be hard hits).Interactables are now treated the same with different interaction xúc tích và ngắn gọn (this gives me more options in the future to add even more interactables).Car repair time has been internally shortened (still configurable).Hostile survivors will not spawn near you anymore (was noticing people having issues with them spawning in front of them).Zombies will not spawn around the props you place, so if you build a camp they will not spawn nearby (you still have to kill the remaining ones).Game-spawned planes will không lấy phí fall from the sky, just lượt thích an apocalypse.Inventory items given from loot drops are a bit more scarce than regular, however weapons are still abundant.Bandages give sầu a bit more health than before.Zombies can take a ton of bullets, và they WILL GUARANTEED get back up if not shot in the head. They will no longer play the writhe/injured on ground animation even when riddled with bullets.New animal looting animation. v0.9.6Fixed issue with save/load not removing out of date files.Fixed issue with save/load creating tent"s that where removed in the last save sầu.Fixed hunger sustainability not running out, & causing infinite hunger. v0.9.5dIncreased the distance that survivors will spawn.Re-wrote internal code.Updated version id to lớn use string.Fixed zombie walk style. CHECK README FOR FULL CHANGELOG KNOWN ISSUES v1.0.2d: Awaiting results. RECOMMENDED MODS:

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