Gunbound Set To Launch On Pc, Tablet And Mobile Later This Month


New Gunbound, a free-to-play turn-based artillery game similar to lớn Worms, is set to launch on PC, Tablet and Mobile later this month. It’s a blast from the past for anyone who played the original.

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As someone who played the first Gunbound, I’m very excited about New Gunbound’s release. But before diving into its history, many potential new players are probably wondering what the hell it’s all about.

New Gunbound is lượt thích worms, but better

Have you ever heard of the trò chơi Worms? It’s a popular franchise by Team17 that spans seventeen PC and console games, five handheld and mobile games, và five spinoffs.

I’m a massive fan hâm mộ of the Worms series. But New Gunbound is a lot lượt thích worms, và in my opinion, it’s better. 

The premise is the same. It’s a two-dimensional turn-based artillery game that revolves around ballistic warfare on different maps & terrains. But New Gunbound has a cooler và more vibrant aesthetic, similar khổng lồ games lượt thích Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


More importantly, New Gunbound is streamlined for online play. A player only needs khổng lồ control one character rather than an entire team, và they don’t need khổng lồ worry about picking from dozens of weapons. Everything is simple.

Players create or join lobbies và organize themselves into two teams. These teams can be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4. The host player picks the rules, maps & items available. 

Once everyone has picked a side, each player needs khổng lồ select a vehicle & three useable items. The usable items are supplementary & limited khổng lồ things lượt thích double-shot, teleport and additional blast radius. The vehicles are far more critical khổng lồ gameplay, & there are many different ones available.


No two vehicles are the same. Each one has a chất lượng look and a different mix of weapons. These weapons are known as S1 (Shot 1), S2 (Shot 2) & SS (Special Shot). 

Generally, Shot 1 is the weakest, followed by Shot 2 and Special Shot. But the downside to the more powerful shots is that they cause more delay, a kind of time-penalty imposed between turns.

For example, a player who keeps using Shot 1 against an opponent who keeps using Shot 2 will eventually jump them in the turn queue, earning themselves an additional shot. Ideally, you want to use Shot 1 khổng lồ find the right angle & power, và only use Shot 2 when you have an enemy lined up.

It’s also worth mentioning that some vehicles are better than others in different scenarios. And likewise, some shots are better than others depending on the circumstances. It is knowing what khổng lồ do & when that separates the wolves from the sheep.

But there’s more khổng lồ a battle than vehicle & shot choice. Factors lượt thích terrain damage, wind speed và direction, và other phenomena come in to lớn play. Players need lớn change their aim and trajectory power all the time while being mindful about health and strategy.

It’s worth mentioning that New Gunbound also introduces a ‘real-time mode’, which adds an extra element called ‘action power’ that allows players to lớn move và dodge in the middle of an enemy’s turn. But more details will be revealed closer to lớn its release.

There is also a progression system built around ranks & gold. For every shot, high skill shot, kill & victory, players earn skill points and gold. The former is lượt thích experience points used lớn rank up, while the latter is a currency used to lớn buy cosmetic items and sets and địa chỉ cửa hàng some flair.

Gunbound was a smash-hit back in the day

Back in 2003, there weren’t many free-to-play online multiplayer games available. But Gunbound was among the best at the time. It was polished, fun, addictive, and very popular, especially in South-East Asia, South America, and Oceania.

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I remember the day I first discovered Gunbound. It was way back in my first year of high-school. A classmate handed me a burnt disc, pale-white on the top and multicoloured on the bottom. It even had that chất lượng metallic smell. But what stood out the most was the word ‘Gunbound’ inked onto its surface with a permanent marker.

“This game is lượt thích a better version of Worms,” he said. “And we can even play it online. Install it tonight & join us for a game.”

It sounded like black magic. I grew up playing all kinds of different games & consoles. But I didn’t know online multiplayer on the PC was a thing. 

Needless to lớn say, that one game ended up being hours worth. I didn’t even start my homework, let alone finish it. Và I went lớn bed way later than I should have, but it was worth it.


The next day, I skipped school & played Gunbound all day. Seventeen years have passed since then. I’ve changed, life has changed, & the world has changed. My passion for online gaming never faded. But unfortunately, Gunbound didn’t survive the kiểm tra of time.

I suppose it was inevitable. Online games became the new craze. They got bigger và better every year. A small studio lượt thích Softnyx couldn’t keep up, no matter how passionate the community was. Gunbound’s popularity continued lớn wane and the servers eventually shut down on July 24, 2009.

Gunbound found a new home on Android và iOS

Although the trò chơi died, mobile gaming eventually became a thing. It seemed lượt thích the perfect fit for a simple game lượt thích Gunbound.

Sure enough, lượt thích a phoenix rising from the ashes, it relaunched as a sản phẩm điện thoại exclusive on Android và iOS devices. It was rebranded as GunboundM, và it became a smash hit.

GunboundM had some new features, namely a visible bullet path lớn make it easier for players khổng lồ aim và a training mode. But it remained true to lớn its predecessor.


GunboundM is still alive and well. It’s currently rated 4.5 on the App Store with 1,200 ratings và 4.2 on Google Play with 76,467 reviews. That’s pretty damn good for a free-to-play game.

It’s success sparked interest in re-creating the game properly, and that’s where New Gunbound comes into the equation.

New Gunbound’s release isn’t too far away

No official release date has been set. But a developer named ‘bauwow89’ dropped some hints in a discussion thread on Steam.

From what he said in the comments, a closed beta will be happening sometime in early June. It will be a short one, & the trò chơi will be released soon after. Still, if you’re lượt thích me và you can’t wait, all you need to vày is bình luận in the thread và ask for a beta key, và you’ll get it.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re an old player lượt thích me, it’s a no brainer. But if you’re curious to see whether New Gunbound lives up the hype, you’ve got nothing khổng lồ lose. It’s free-to-play và worth a shot. Who knows, you might even get hooked.

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Update (June 11, 2020): In their first official announcement, the developers said the release has been pushed back until July. It’s good that they want to lớn get it right, but let’s hope there aren’t any more delays. Tonnes of people are desperate khổng lồ play.