To make sure that your Smartphone HTC One M8 is phối apart from the others, the best thing for you to vị is khổng lồ customize it lớn your needs. There are many things that you can vị to lớn set your device apart and one of the most popular things lớn vì is to lớn change the wallpaper. There are many different types of wallpapers with Android, since it not only accepts still images but also allows live wallpapers.

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HTC One Wallpapers

HTC One Wallpapers is a collection of user submitted wallpapers. The images are usually sized for a desktop experience but the Smartphone HTC One M8 will have no problem cropping the image down to use for the display. Hovering the cursor over an image will display the authors name & title of the image as well as a heart that will let you like the image. At the top of the menu you can sort the wallpapers by date or number of likes. With Android Wallpapers you’ll never be without a gorgeous wallpaper for your HTC One M8.


WallpaperFX features popular HD wallpapers for your Smartphone HTC One M8. There are plenty of categories to keep you entertained while looking for a new wallpaper. One thing that is nice about this site, & sets it apart, is that it is a community driven wallpaper site. Most of the wallpapers that you will find here have been submitted by users so you can always be sure that this site is being updated. You can even rate wallpapers that you find so they can become more popular và visiters of the site can quickly download them. WallpaperFX will even detect the resolution of your devices display and show only the wallpapers that are compatible with your Điện thoại HTC One. You’re sure khổng lồ find a wallpaper that you lượt thích here.

My Điện thoại HTC Wallpaper

This site is a collection of top Smartphone HTC One wallpapers. The Điện thoại HTC One wallpapers have sầu been broken inkhổng lồ categories so you can find what you are looking for quickly. In the menu bar at the top of the page has all of the categories that you can choose from. Selecting your category will bring you to lớn a page where you can select from the wallpapers for your choice. Scrolling down the page you’ll see all of the wallpapers for that specific category và there are from some multiple pages that you can go through. Underneath the pĐánh Giá of the wallpaper there are two icons representing the loông chồng screen & the trang chính screen. Putting your cursor over the loông chồng ibé will preview the loông xã screen on that wallpaper & then putting your cursor over the trang chủ screen ibé will pĐánh Giá the home page screen on that wallpaper also. Clicking on a wallpaper will bring you to a page where you can download the wallpaper for your Điện thoại HTC One M8. This site has also been optimized for your Điện thoại HTC One M8 so you can get the wallpapers quicker.

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Live sầu Wallpapers

A benefit of using Android is that your wallpaper doesn’t have khổng lồ be some boring stagnant image, you can have them constantly change or even be a moving image. Live Wallpapers is another site full of live wallpapers for your Smartphone HTC One M8. What sets this site apart is that the wallpapers are broken inlớn categories that you can search for & then browse wallpapers in that category. Each wallpaper has a mô tả tìm kiếm of what will take place once installed & then there is even a link lớn the Google Play Store where you can then tải về & install the live sầu wallpaper on your Smartphone HTC One M8 . There are even live wallpapers optimized for Android tablets here as well.

HTC Wallpaper

If you lượt thích having a good collection of live wallpapers then look no further. Android Wallies is a site that has a nice collection of live sầu wallpapers that are available on the Google Play Store. Each wallpaper has a description, letting you know how the live wallpaper is going khổng lồ work on your device and then there is even a links to lớn the Google Play Store where you can then download the live wallpaper và make it the background on your Android device.

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Android Wallies

Htc-wallpaper contains a great gallery of high definition wallpapers for htc Smartphone phones. We are presenting these wallpapers in a use-friendly interface, easy lớn visualize and download. Our gallery contains over 300 wallpapers, with the majority of them created by our graphic designers for a standard resolution (1080×1920 pixels)..