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Ho Hang opens with a slightly sharp nose tingling lemon và bitter orange tandem, with supporting basil spice before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart geranium derived sweaty lemon infused rosewood takes the fore, with the basil support remaining, adding a cảm biến of oakmoss và aromatic patchouli to lớn the mix. During the late dry-down as the geranium & basil vacate, the composition shifts gears, turning into a slightly powdery vanilla driven affair, with just a cảm biến of benzoin derived sweetness and mild cedar wood tư vấn through the finish. Projection is average, as is longevity at around 8 hours on skin.Ho Hang Club was a "like" but not "love" for me, so when I blind bought the earlier released Ho Hang (sans Club) I didn"t know what to lớn expect. Would it be similar lớn Ho Hang Club? The answer thankfully is "no." In truth, Ho Hang is a far superior composition. The sweaty lemon accord in the heart is the defining aspect of the perfume, reminding me immediately of the same accord found in YSL pour Homme which was also released in the early 70s, just prior to Ho Hang... Once I found out one of the perfumers behind this marvel was Raymond Chaillan the comparison made perfect sense, as Chaillan (also behind greats like Monsieur Carven, Givenchy III, Opium and so many others) was the nose behind YSL pour Homme as well. The least appealing part of the composition"s development is the rather bland woody-vanilla finish, but it certainly smells good, and considering the invigorating mở cửa and sublime middle any minor gripes can easily be forgiven. The bottom line is the approximately $300 per 100ml bottle on the aftermarket Ho Hang may not be the finest perfume created by Mr. Chaillon, but it runs with the best of them, earning an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 rating and a strong recommendation to lớn lovers of 70s compositions lượt thích YSL pour Homme.
Dec 25, 2020


MysticmanShow all reviews by Mysticman
Ho Hang opens with a light citrus freshness reminiscent of Monsieur Givenchy or original Armani Eau Pour Homme. As it unfolds, the cedar, rosewood và geranium appear, adding a dry woody complexity without overpowering the citrus. On my skin it lasts all day, but in a subtle and unobtrusive way.This is a classy gentleman"s scent if there ever was one, and also a wonderful "time capsule" of an aesthetic that seems khổng lồ have passed out of existence these days.

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Dec 4, 2019

Show all reviews by Sniffers
Wish current price wasn"t so high...would love to get a bottle of smooth & elegant...starts as a wonderfully aromatic ctrusy/herby/minty lavender barbershop fougere...classic , yet with a chất lượng flavor all it"s own...develops into a sweetish dry woody taste of the orient...great stuff
Dec 31, 2018
Show all đánh giá by Cevenol
Essentially to lớn me an old school barbershop fougere, arching back to Clubman"s or Canoe"s powderyness, top notch ingredients and blending, refined and understated, it is a wonderful traditional men"s "cologne".Classical perfumery at its best.As an anecdote & according khổng lồ one old Balenciaga ad it was also sold as unisex beating Chanel Boy which it resembles by 45 years.

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Jul 30, 2018
Varanis Ridari
Show all review by Varanis Ridari
Balenciaga was the House of the Living Dead for many years, being resurrected multiple times over the course of several decades since Cristobal Balenciaga shuttered its doors in 1968. Ho Hang (1971) was the launch sản phẩm of the couture house when it was reopened the first time by Marbert khổng lồ make perfumes & ready-to-wear accessories, và was released the year before Cristobal"s death in 1971. Raymond Chaillan was tapped for perfumer duty on this one, undoubtedly for his recent work for Yves Saint Laurent making Pour Homme (1971) earlier in the year, plus Givenchy III (1970) before that. Being paired with Jacques Jetzen, Raymond Challian"s style still dominated this fragrance, & was fond of subtle elegance at a time when subtlety wasn"t chic; YSL Pour Homme itself was a citrus chypre loaded with musk, made in a time when the fougère was re-emerging with more heft. The creative directors at the newly-revived Balenciaga probably asked for a competitive fougère, but Challian gave them what they wanted with a twist, as it shares many similarities with the chypre genre, & has an equally soft-spoken manner lớn many of the immediate postwar greats. My take is that the only thing keeping this from being a super-classy chypre is its lack of leather and animalic tones, with a focus on oakmoss in the base aerated with tonka, while the vanilla và labdanum in the base smoothing out the fougère textures with chypre grace rather than dominating them. Ho Hang is truly hard to define and was even marketed unisex in initial ads, but whatever you think it is, you"ll agree that it"s an undeniably tasteful merging of classic structures into something greater than the sum of its parts.Ho Hang opens gently with orange, lavender, basil, và lemon. The orange being a sweeter-than-usual choice, is counterbalanced by a crisp basil note, sprig of mint, & soft lavender with an orris twist that reminds me of D"Orsay Arôme 3 (1943). Several complain that the opening is all too fleeting, but I feel that like many mid-century scents that this draws from, the opening is just meant as a welcome mat to the rest of the fragrance, and not meant to be part of it for any appreciable amount of time. The classic geranium barbershop lines mixed with subtle patchouli of the middle almost swoon the nose into submission. Cedar, sandalwood và rosewood make expected appearances & serve to lớn ease the final shift lớn the base. Nothing out of the ordinary exists in this base either, because again, Raymond Chaillan prefers buttoned-down lines. Tonka is joined by a big plonk of buttery oakmoss, making the skin glow similar to lớn vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955) but with an additional powdery green fougère elements, while olibanum, labdanum, and vanilla fill in rest. Years later Chaillan would compose Boucheron Pour Homme (1991) along similar lines, proving once again that he was a master of the gentle refinement, but Ho Hang beats it hands-down. Best use is almost all year round, although this might have a bit too much mustiness and powder for the dead of summer. Marketed unisex but ultimately being favored by men because of the structure & dry down, Ho Hang otherwise makes a perfect versatile if very traditional signature, if it wasn"t madly expensive now from being long discontinued and from a house that has since rebooted itself into something entirely unlike what it was.By and large Ho Hang is a high-water mark lớn a genre that was already passing into history when it released, and if not for the misleading raunchy advertising associated with the scent, probably would have not launched successfully in its era. Ho Hang was discreet at a time when discretion was fast becoming a joke, và evocative of a niche traditionalist mindset 30 years before that market would exist. Still, it hung on for 30 years in the less-forgiving designer market before being discontinued, likely helped by the popularity of it"s arguably more-successful (and potent) flanker Ho Hang Club (1987), which too was a house re-launch scent, but under Jacques Bogart"s leadership. About that; so when Bogart launched Ho Hang Club, they launched it as Le Club de Balenciaga because "ho hang" can be a problematic phrase in some regions of the world lượt thích East Asia or the Middle East; they also wanted to lớn market the original Ho Hang scent in those areas too, so it was renamed "Balenciaga Club" in those markets. Ho Hang is clean, fresh, timeless elegance from a house that is associated with some of the greatest lost perfumes of the mid 20th century, & continues that tradition here. Thanks lớn current Balenciaga owners Coty Prestige, who see no need to lớn have classic perfumes from the brand that is now more known for modern biker-styled handbags than anything else, Ho Hang was taken behind the shed and euthanized along with the rest of the old portfolio. This unicorn is sadly only for the hardcore collector due to ungodly prices and is a lost masterpiece. Thumbs up
Mar 23, 2018
Show all đánh giá by che1928
Ho hang vintage is a bomb . Like ,Antaeus,Captain Molyneux,Tuscany,Equipage ,one of the best ,out of time.