Dota 2 player illidanstr, illidan stormrage's stats


CIS player, Illidan, has stated in a recent interview the reason behind his desire to lớn not return lớn the competitive scene of Dota 2.

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According to hlặng, removal of ranked roles, buổi tiệc nhỏ MMR và Valve's flaws in the current DPC as the reason for his departure from the scene.
One of the most popular ex-players in the CIS region, Ilya "Illidan" Pivcaev, had recently communicated that he did not wish khổng lồ return khổng lồ Dota 2’s professional scene. Now, in an interview with Championat, Illidan explained in depth the reason behind this decision while also talking about SumaiL’s news roster- Just Error.

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Illidan Cites The Removal Of Ranked Roles As A Major Factor For His Exit

Illidan has made a transition from Dota 2 khổng lồ World Of Warcraft and has been playing the new Shadowlands update of the game. In addition to lớn talking about it, Illidan also answered questions on Dota 2.

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Illidan was asked if Dota 2 would be resurrected in 2021 khổng lồ which he replied,

“The game did not even die. The motivation of the players will increase again once some successful LANs happen.”

Illidan reflected on his views about the new lineup of RAMZES666- Just Error,

“I vị not really know. I vị not lượt thích khổng lồ give my views when I have sầu no understanding & at the same time, I vị not communicate with those players. Each of them is a strong player. If they will have the right team chemistry and the ability lớn play and progress as a team, only time will tell. Yes, this is an obvious answer but there is nothing more to say.”

Illidan explained the reason behind his desire to lớn not return to lớn the Dota 2 competitive scene even when the DPC resumes in January,

“I will not return because the things that I vì not lượt thích or suit me in the game will not change from the word at all. There are three of them:

Supporting more solo play by essentially killing the các buổi tiệc nhỏ MMR for high ranking players in one of the most team games in the world is absolute nonsense.The removal of ranked roles in ranked matchmaking in a game where playing your role is of prime importance. For those who vị not know about this, you can not choose your role after reaching 7500 MMR, just lượt thích you cannot choose not khổng lồ find a game against a party of players. It just does not work. I have this option, và I continue lớn play with two và three thousvà people in the tiệc ngọt, despite its presence.Valve does not want lớn intervene in the issues of Dota 2 until things get out of control. This is applicable to lớn the postponed DPC of the season và the 140 million dollars they received from the Battle Pass that could have been distributed khổng lồ the non-DPC tournaments or at least 10 of them for several tournaments throughout the year.”

In the end, Illidan stated that despite Valve’s inadequacies in this season, they were still the best publisher of esports games in the world.

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“Do not get me wrong, I still think Valve sầu is the best publisher of esports games in the world. Their success is comparable lớn Riot. Valve sầu takes the opposite approach khổng lồ that of Riot. Yes, only such approaches are an extreme và extreme option. If both of these companies were moving towards the golden mean, that would really be great. Moreover, every company associated with the release of e-sports games has its own huge disadvantages. But I would rather choose Valve's democracy over Riot's dictatorship.”

Translations via Championat

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Illidan had become a popular CIS figure for his time with Virtus.Pro baông xã in the days. Later, Illidan had spent a considerable time with Team Spirit and last played for FlyToMoon 2.0 in May 20trăng tròn when his team was handed a default loss after they hurled insults in a pro game at Isolation Cup: Closed Qualifier.