Ios 10 beta 8 released for testing


iOS 10 beta 8 is available for both developer users và non-developer users lớn không tính tiền download và install in iPhone, máy tính bảng ipad and iPod touch now. You can directly follow this article và access lớn iOS 10 beta 8 here and upgrade your iDevice without losing any data now.

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New iOS 10 beta version is available for developer users again. Though it"s claimed that iOS 10 beta versions are only for developers, there still exist a big number of iOS users who wants lớn enjoy the lademo iOS 10 beta on their devices without being a developer. Here below, we"ll offer you direct access khổng lồ download the lakiểm tra iOS 10 beta 8 và tăng cấp your iOS device without losing any data. If you are looking for a secure access to lớn không tính tiền tải về iOS 10 beta 8, follow below tutorial steps lớn get new iOS in your iDevices now.

Step 1. Backup iOS data before downloading iOS 10 beta 8

In order to lớn avoid iOS data loss trouble while installing new iOS system in iDevice, it"s highly recommended for all iOS device users lớn backup important personal data first. 

You may directly backup all personal files into iCloud or iTunes. But if you don"t want get personal files or information leaked, please backup your iOS data inlớn PC. Professional iOS data recovery software - MobiSaver allows you to lớn simply backup iDevice data inlớn PC within 3 simple steps. Free download this software and follow to backup iOS data now:

Download for PC  Download for Mac 

1. Download & launch MobiSaver on your PC. Connect your iDevice with it.Choose recovery mode: "Recover from iOS Device" and clichồng Scan.


2. Scan iOS device to find all the data.Wait patiently until the app find và display all your data after finished scanning the iDevices.


3. Previews và restore found dataCliông xã và mark the files that you want backup & cliông chồng "Recover" button to get all data including so lost files which were found inlớn your PC now.Specify a folder on the computer to lớn save all the data to lớn your PC.


Now you can directly tải về & install iOS 10 beta 5 in your iPhone, máy tính bảng ipad or iPod touch now.

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Step 2. Free tải về và install iOS 10 beta 8

So now let"s see how to không tính tiền tải về và install iOS 10 beta 8.

For iOS 10 developer beta users:

Enroll and register on Apple Developer Program at: https://developer.táo khuyế;Login with your Apple ID at: https://developer.táo;Register your UDID with Apple for the iOS device that you want to install iOS 10 beta on:

Plug iDevice into lớn iTunes, select it và clichồng on the serial number lớn show the USID > Copy the serial number;

Cliông xã Certificate, Identifiers & Profiles > Click All on Device section > Add the UDID of your iOS device with the UDID serial number;Go lớn Develop > Download, and enter the page: https://developer.tá;Make sure the your iTunes stored in PC or Mac is the latest version, launch iTunes và connect your iOS device khổng lồ the computer;Install the beta by pressing Shift (for Windows users) or Alt (for Mac users) > Click Restore iPhone...button.

iTunes will prompt you to select the IPSW firmware tệp tin & select the iOS 10 beta tệp tin you downloaded before;

Wait patiently & iOS 10 beta 8 will be installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch automatically.

Once installed, your iDevice will reboot automatically and you"ll get a Hello screen of iOS 10 beta 8.

If you are already on iOS 10 developer beta, you can directly update to iOS 10 beta 8 as the same way that you tăng cấp lớn any other iOS version.

Go to lớn Settings > Tab General > Cliông xã Software Update

Then you need lớn follow the onscreen steps lớn finish the iOS 10 beta 8 installing process in your iOS devices. 

For none iOS 10 developer beta users:

If you are not an iOS 10 developer beta user và you"ve just discovered iOS 10, you can sign up for Apples public beta by clicking beta.táo bị cắn dở.com.

You can also access khổng lồ the developer release, search Google to lớn find a developer protệp tin and install in your iOS device. Then follow the next move:

Go lớn Settings > Cliông chồng Software Update và then install iOS 10 beta 8.

After installing new iOS 10 beta 5, if some files were lost, you can then choose lớn import relative data into lớn your iDevice from your PC và enjoy new iOS 10 beta 8 then.

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If you prefer a public version of iOS 10 beta 8, please wait patiently và it will soon be available for you.

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