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iOS 9 is a revolution in iOS releases, with intelligent features that make your iPhone or Máy tính bảng iPad more proactive sầu than ever before, as well as more secure, with the introduction of a number of new security features.

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Interested? Keep reading for more details.

Update: Apple is now urging users of iPhone 4s, ipad Mini 1st, iPad 2nd và iPad 3rd generation lớn be updated to iOS 9.3.6, by Nov 3rd, 2019 to lớn continue using their services. You can find the download links for the firmware below.

iOS 9 Active sầu Firmware:

Apple will only be signing two iOS versions at once – the lathử nghiệm one and the previous one. With the previous firmware, they stop signing after a week &, right now the below-listed version is the only ( active firmware ).

iOS 9.3.6

Expired Firmware:

The following iOS 9 versions are no longer being signed:

iOS 9iOS 9.0.1iOS 9.0.2iOS 9.1iOS 9.2iOS 9.2.1iOS 9.3iOS 9.3.1iOS 9.3.2iOS 9.3.3iOS 9.3.4iOS 9.3.5

If you try lớn put one of the expired versions on your iOS device, you will get a Requested Build Error 3194; it will tell you that your device isn’t eligible for the requested build. Keep reading because we will be telling you how you can safely downgrade your iOS version.

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And now we’ll dig deeper

Content Summary

1 How lớn Install iOS 9 Firmware:

How to lớn Install iOS 9 Firmware:

Before we get busy, there’s a couple of things you need lớn do:

First, make sure that iTunes is up khổng lồ date; you will need it for two methods:

Launch iTunes & cliông chồng Help>Chechồng For Updates
If iTunes requires updating, instructions will appear on the screen – follow them

Second, make sure your data is backed up – if anything goes wrong, you will thảm bại everything.

Third, disable Find My iPhone/iPad and Passcode (Touch ID if it is enabled). These can be switched baông xã on later.

All done?

Then let’s get inkhổng lồ it:

Method 1: Over the Air (OTA)

While this is the smallest update, it is not compatible with any jailbreak; if you intover khổng lồ install Cydia, vày not use this method:

Launch Settings > General on your deviceChoose Software UpdateWhen iOS 9 update is found tap Download
Tap on Install & leave your device khổng lồ update; when it reboots, it will be on the Hello screen.

Method 2: iTunes

Plug your device inlớn your computer & open iTunesIf you have two or more devise registered, click the Summary for the device connectedClichồng on Update>Install
Wait; your iPhone or ipad will reboot when the update is finishedThe Hello screen appears, & you can begin setting your device up

Last but not least

Method 3: iTunes with IPSW

Cliông chồng the IPSW links below that corresponds to your deviceConnect your device khổng lồ your C/Mac & open iTunesChoose the Summary for the connected device (only if you have more than one registered)Press either the SHIFT (Windows) or ALT (Mac) key và cliông chồng Restore at the same time
Find your IPSW tệp tin và click on it
Cliông chồng on Install and iTunes will update your iPhone or iPadWhen its all done, your device will reboot into the Hello screen

Download iOS 9.3.6 IPSW Links:

Download iOS 9.3.5 IPSW Links:

We’re almost there

How khổng lồ Downgrade iOS:

Looking khổng lồ downgrade khổng lồ an earlier version? It isn’t quite as simple as it is lớn update, but it still isn’t difficult lớn do; check out the guide below on how to lớn do it:

How khổng lồ Jailbreak iOS 9:

Full step by step instructions lớn install và iOS 9 jailbreak is given in the linked tutorial below.

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That’s all

Do let us know how you get on updating to lớn lathử nghiệm iOS 9 firmware & for more tutorials lượt thích this, you can follow us on Facebook.

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