Onmyoji Arena Tips và Tricks – How lớn Play as Itsumade: Guide The Hit and Run Queen

Based on the Reviews of Onmyoji Aremãng cầu. Today, we are going to lớn give you a đánh giá about a character on the game called Itsumade.

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trò chơi Preparation:


1. Blank Lance  (Main Item, If you are using Subdue)
Armor & decreasing 6% of the damage inflicted by physical attaông chồng is nice. But, you can change it for boots of fury if you are confidence in your survive sầu ability.
3. Nature’s Glory  (Main Item)
Kusarigama has the same effect’s as Nature’s glory. So you will have sầu +10% ability damage. However, it doesn’t do much in the late game, so if you want to lớn swap it with Omoikane’s bow for additional crit % then you should vì chưng that.

This is all basically the main weapon for Itsumade, with all of this, Itsumade can easily kill any Mage, Marksman, support, và even Ninja. For the last 2 items, you should buy it depending on the teams / the enemies teams, especially in the late game.

For example, you can buy more damage items if the enemies is a tank. However, if the enemies is a Marksman, buy Detháng Mask in the defense section. It will let you gain shield if your health drop to lớn 35%. Another tòa tháp that is also great is the Raja Warhammer. The ability to let you immune to crowd control, added with your third skills và flash will let you be a hit and run Itsumade.

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Skill Combination:

Because itsumade is a Jungler, Her skills will be: Level up skill 1, 2, and 3 first and then max your skill 1 và 2 first. Take ultimate whenever available & increase skill 3 last

Why skill 1 or skill 2, not skill 3. Well, it is because skill 1 is useful because of the tốc độ boost and the low cooldown, where as skill 2 is useful khổng lồ slow down the enemies, và poking them in the early game. Skill 3 on the other hand is a running ability that can reset its cooldown if your enemies is killed for Either assist or kill. Only use skill 3 if you are confident you can kill them. It is your one and only skill to run aside from flash.

Itsumade won’t be useful in a team fight. So go around your the enemies team & find their mages or marksman that has the lowest health và burst damage them, but if you are on the losing team. Just leave them and focus on the turrets.

Remember lớn kiểm tra the maps and if the enemies is on you. Run, bởi vì that until you find one mage that is alone và kill it. In the late game, Itsumade thua thảm her purpose. Hide in the bush and find 1 enemy shikigamày lớn kill them but if you can’t annoy them with your slow và run by using your skill 3 và 1.

She is the queen of early game, just rethành viên to lớn roam khổng lồ the mid lane và help your teams whenever you can.

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So, there you have it. A good tips & tricks for you to use Itsumade, For other heroes guide you can click

“Onmyoji Aremãng cầu Tips and Tricks : Guide for Most Heroes!”

who else vì chưng you want khổng lồ see. Please comment and mô tả if you like it.

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