JBL has been on a roll with their công nghệ bluetooth không dây speakers. Great speakers packed with stunning designs has pretty much been their forte. địa chỉ cửa hàng competitive pricing to lớn the list và the giảm giá gets even sweeter. That’s exactly what the JBL Charge 2 does. This particular speaker might look lượt thích its predecessor, (the JBL Charge), but it features larger drivers and two passive bass radiators for a better sound. There are a few design changes as well to lớn the design, which have their pros as well as cons. We are curious lớn find out how much the sound has changed, & if the Charge 2 is a good option khổng lồ consider at under the Rs. 8,000 price bracket.

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Design and Build

The Charge 2 features an impressive design. Kept next khổng lồ its predecessor, it looks more robust. It still has the same cylindrical design, featuring a heavy set of metal và plastic. However, compared lớn the Charge, it features a heavy rubber padding between the two grills.We like this change a lot. It adds to lớn the build và provides a good grip. The tacky plastic buttons on the Charge have also been taken out. Instead, all the buttons are embedded under a heavy rubber padding. It takes a little more effort khổng lồ press the buttons, but it still feels sturdy.


The Charge 2 is noticeably heavier & larger than the original Charge. However, it doesn’t lose its portability. You might have a little problem adjusting it in your carry bag, but it’ll still fit. The xuất hiện passive radiators on the sides is a very good touch. You can see them rumbling khổng lồ the music.


  The ports on the JBL Charge 2 are at the back. It looks very neat tight above the rubber padding. A carry case isn’t included as part of the package. Not that the speaker isn’t sturdy, but it would have helped protecting the passive radiators on the side.


One of the few reasons why the Charge 2 is bigger than its predecessor is because of the larger drivers. Under the metal grill, are two 45mm drivers. The power đầu ra has also been cranked up khổng lồ 7.5W over the Charge’s 5W. We’ll find out how much difference that makes to the overall sound. JBL also claims a much better frequency response in the lower range. On paper, it’s about 75Hz – 20KHz, which is pretty good.


For wireless streaming you have công nghệ bluetooth không dây connectivity. JBL has include a new Social mode, which allows more than three people to connect lớn the speaker simultaneously and take turns in playing music. It sounds lượt thích a helpful feature lớn have when using it in the company of your friends. Besides that you can also use this lớn connect the speaker to all your different audio playback devices at home. So for example, if your phone goes out of charge, you can instantly move to lớn the máy tính xách tay to play music. Old MP3 players & other devices that do not tư vấn Bluetooth, can play music with the help of a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. There is no NFC support.


The Charge 2 like its predecessor can also be used khổng lồ charge your portable devices with the help of the USB port at the back. It features the same 6,000 mAh battery, which JBL claims can last for a good 12 hours. However, the Charge 2 also takes four hours to charge completely. The battery nguồn is indicated by the LEDs placed at the button.

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The JBL Charge 2 is certainly louder than its predecessor. Even at 30 per cent of the volume, it sounds heavy on the ears. It’s because of the depth và the heavy bass. There is surprisingly very less distortion, but it isn’t going to sound as clean on every song that you’d play on it. One of the first things you’d notice is the heavy bass. There is a lot of it. As a result heavy bass genres lượt thích Dubstep and Hip-hop sound good. We played NAS và Damien Marley’s ‘Patience’ on the speakers. The lows sounded exceptionally crisp. We could see the passive reflectors moving khổng lồ the sound. The thumps sounded great & the vocals sounded pretty clean. Other bassy songs we tried also sounded great.  


On the flipside, the heavy bass also ends up being a bad thing. It’s good to lớn have bass, but too much of it can also ruin the experience. The Charge 2, though loud is not clear all the time. At high volumes, it takes over all the mids và trebles, muffles details. It’s best lớn listen to the speaker at moderate volumes. Besides that, the mids và the highs don’t sound that great either. While playing metal tracks like ‘End of time’ by Lacuna Coil, we noticed guitars sound flat. The cymbal shots are also overshadowed by the heavy bass drumming. Together it all made the tuy nhiên sound a bit subdued. Other heavy metal songs had pretty much a similar output. Heavy instruments like drums & bass guitars seem to lớn standout out. Compared to the older variant, the Charge 2 performs a lot better. Music certainly sounds a lot clearer & sharper. However, when compared to lớn the cheaper Flip 2, the sound isn’t very well balanced. If you want a cleaner audio output đầu ra the Flip 2 certainly stands above the Charge 2.

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From what’ve seen in the past few months, it looks lượt thích every công nghệ bluetooth không dây speaker comes more focused on bass. The JBL Charge 2 however pushed it even further, providing bass equivalent to a speaker twice its size. Agreed it adds depth to a song, but it doesn’t work well with all genres. The output đầu ra is good, but it’s not great. That said, for people who want a speakers khổng lồ travel with the JBL Charge is a good option. It’s tough, loud và offers a long battery life with the ability to charge your other portable devices, if needed. You can’t expect exceptionally clarity from it, but you can count on it to set the buổi tiệc nhỏ mood on outdoor treks and trips.