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Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 Free – Kaspersky System Checker Is hardware system kiểm tra, computer system checker pc system checker, system kiểm tra software. Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 analyzes your Windows PC for any kind of software application susceptabilities, malware, và also viruses in addition khổng lồ supplying equipment details.

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Produced by ahy vọng the most trusted security business around, Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 could run system diagnosis lớn detect vulnerabilities on your computer, as well as issues that could impact the PC’s efficiency. It takes an one-time evaluation lớn determine prospective dangers và system-related issues that may betray malware existence or have influence on the machine’s performance.

A basic check to lớn draw attention on vital security-related concerns

Starting a new scan only needs you to lớn push a button. You don’t need khổng lồ wait on the scan lớn end up khổng lồ watch the outcomes, as Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 for Windows enables you khổng lồ read about the problems it finds as they are determined.


Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 displays information pertaining to problems that may become significant vulnerabilities. For instance, it discovers whether Internet Traveler is enabled to lớn download ActiveX components, if system updates should be installed, or if the anti-vi khuẩn software program you are utilizing is not updated. Also, it shows warnings if UAC is disabled or if the hosts data in Windows has actually been modified. As expected, it additionally reveals files with malicious habits & also concerns connected lớn the firewall software, và the list does not finish right here.

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System information customer và also application uninstaller

Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 can also gather information about the system arrangement, divulging the OS edition, equipment details, the installed antivi khuẩn and also its version number, as well as the framework of the logical disks.

It likewise acts as an application uninstaller as well as a browser expansion audience, allowing you khổng lồ monitor the website browser tiện ích mở rộng as well as firmly get rid of installed programs on the local maker.

While the information in the ‘Detected products’ location are the most essential ones, Kaspersky System Checker also elevates awareness on some system thiết đặt setups that might open the gate to lớn burglars. For instance, it informs you if autorun is enabled, thinking about that the autorun.inf documents is a known method used by particular infections lớn spread out.

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System diagnosis for security-related issues

After a system evaluation that takes a little time, Kaspersky System Checker 1.2.0 exposes significant protection và also performance-related problems about your computer. It is suggested you make the effort to reviews them all và also at the very least recognize the consequences they might have sầu. Of course, several of the final thoughts provided in the report (such as an obsolete anti-vi khuẩn software) require your prompt focus và also needs to be taken care of asap.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X / APK

Version : Kaspersky System Checker

Size :9.57 MB

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