Everybody knows that objectives win games in League of Legends. It often doesn’t matter how many kills or assists you have – it only matters whether your team has collected the Dragons or slain Baron Nashor. The reason is that these monsters grant powerful buffs that are game-changing. So if you can take them alone, that’s a large bonus for your team. So, who are the best champions that can solo Baron in LoL?

Well, there are many of them, actually, & that’s for certain. Any champion that scales well in the late game and has tons of lifesteal can bởi vì the job. And any champion with “pets” that could tank the Baron while they giảm giá khuyến mãi damage is a good choice too. However, some picks are just extremely efficient at taking the Baron Nashor down, even alone.

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And in this post, we’ll only talk about the đứng đầu 5 best champions that can solo Baron in League of Legends. These 5 picks have the highest damage compared khổng lồ the other champions. & they can heal/sustain themselves throughout the fight with Baron.

So if you’d lượt thích to play a champion that can easily solo Baron in League & take it away from the enemy team, pick one of these 5!

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Heimerdinger may not be the strongest champion on this list, but he’s damn good at taking down the Baron solo too! & unlike the 4 other picks here, Heimerdinger isn’t an AD champion. He is an AP mage that uses turrets (pets) to tank the Baron for him, so he can focus on dealing damage.

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How does this work?

Well, Heimer’s Q, H-28 G Evolution Turret, actually lets him spawn little turrets that shoot at all nearby enemies. If they’re spread around Baron Nashor, they will shoot him instead. Now, Heimerdinger’s turrets vì chưng a lot of damage, especially in the late game. Và Heimer can spawn 3 or 4 at the same time, which can melt down the Baron!

Additionally, Heimerdinger has his ultimate, UPGRADE!!!. This ability lets him spawn one large turret that does even more damage than the regular small ones. And with it, Heimer can slay the Baron as quickly as Yi or Yasuo in the late game.

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So, you may be wondering: can Malzahar also bởi vì this?

Yes. Malzahar’s W, Void Swarm, will also tank the Baron so he can avoid all the damage. With enough cooldown reduction, Malzahar can spawn his pets every other second. Và this can be incredibly helpful for taking down the Baron.

Those are the top 5 best champions that can solo Baron in League of Legends!


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