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A:A knight is an ancient soldier that wore heavy armor. A pink knight may refer khổng lồ a character from the 6struyenky.vndeo game Castle Crashers.

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A:historically a white knight was a protector of people or things, it looks like a play on words in your example và it is now becoming a pejorative meaning someone overly concerned with someone"s safety or rights, often khổng lồ their detriment
Q:“if it isn"t my knight in shining armor" which is a dialogue in ,happened when the girl circled by vampires when Eric appeared có nghĩa là gì?
A:-You"re my knight in shining armor. (figurative)-The knight swung his sword, and with one swift movement chopped the head off the ogre.-He won the chess match using his knight và rook to kiểm tra mate his opponent"s king.-The king awards his most loyal knights by generously granting them land.
A:the pronunciation is the same . But knight is someone who fights with sword & night is a period of time that there"s no sun and most of people sleep .
A:although they sound the same, knight refers lớn a soldier who serves the king. Night is the opposite of day.ex. Alex is the knight favored by the king.She goes out every night when the moon is full.Hope that helps..

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A:Pronounciation is the same so I can give you sentence examples?Night is used khổng lồ refer to time so:"Night time""Do you want to lớn go out tonight?""What are you doing tomorrow night?"A knight is a person so:"That knight is very strong""Loyalty is a good trait for a knight lớn have"
A:The Code of Chivalry was a moral system based on the society at that time, which was centered around feudalism and the church. Knights were often times, part of the nobility. Meaning they had access lớn some degree of wealth. Now when you give these nobles weapons và turn them into soldiers, grievous act such as pillaging are going to lớn take commonplace as, at that time, feudalism was awry. Now the Code of Chivalry was created in order lớn keep these knights in check, to lớn prevent them from committing more crimes. When knights did follow this code, it can be said that they met some social benefits. Some chivalrous acts of knights were immortalized in the khung of poets. While others followed in order to lớn impress women.
Q:I remember ha6struyenky.vnng read of a Spanish knight who ha6struyenky.vnng broken his sword in battle, tore from an oak a heavy bough or branch & with it did such feats of valor that day.“I remember ha6struyenky.vnng read of a Spanish knight”….. Is “I remember that I read of a Spanish knight” or “I remember that I have read of a Spanish knight”?As for “a Spanish knight who ha6struyenky.vnng broken his sword…..,” it means “a Spanish knight who had broken his sword", right?
A:“I remember ha6struyenky.vnng read of a Spanish knight” means “I remember that I had read of a Spanish knight”Yes, “a Spanish knight who ha6struyenky.vnng broken his sword” means “a Spanish knight who had broken his sword.”
Q:Can a knight in shining armor be a woman?Like, can a man hotline a woman knight in shining armor? Thanks for answering me!!!
A:metaphorically speaking yes.for example, "she was the knight in shining armour".but this doesn"t actually make her a knight, it just means that the actions she pulled off are what a knight is known lớn do.

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