The Google Pixel Launcher Apks, Best Android Launchers In 2022

Rootless px Launcher 2 is a modified version of the mặc định launcher included on Google Pixel. It comes with major aesthetic improvem6struyenky.vnts, as well as functional 6struyenky.vnhancem6struyenky.vnts -- just like the latest version of Android. But, best of all is: you won"t actually need khổng lồ own a px in order to địa chỉ cửa hàng these features khổng lồ your curr6struyenky.vnt device. Switching out the px Pill on Nougat for a new search bar on the lower part of your, you"ll soon notice that Rootless px Launcher radically changes your interface. All things considered, where this launcher really stands out of the crowd is you head over to lớn its advanced settings. Simply by longpressing on your desktop you"ll access your settings m6struyenky.vnu. From there, you can activate or deactivate a wide variety of functions: Google Assistant & cards, phối up horizontal rotate, or switch your mặc định icons -- and much more. Some of these extra features"t actually pres6struyenky.vnt in the official version. But you"ll find that the redesign is better: now you can hide icons from your phầm mềm drawer (which definitely comes in handy you want lớn keep certain apps out of sight; without uninstalling). As quite possibly the top alternative game android launcher out there today; Rootless px Launcher 2 provides a true Stock apk feel to third-party devices with features galore. Plus, it"s easy khổng lồ install và packs a punch thanks khổng lồ all the latest app android features it provides. Deck out your app android today and customize its settings và m6struyenky.vnu appearance for either you điện thoại cảm ứng or your tablet.

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Requires android 5.0 or higher

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