Lenovo Service Engine (Lse) Bios Vulnerability


If your Lenovo máy tính stuck at the hình ảnh sản phẩm screen, then continue reading. This tutorial contains step by step instructions to lớn fix the following problem on Lenovo laptops: After turning on, the máy tính xách tay doesn"t boot & hangs at the Lenovo hình ảnh sản phẩm splash screen. (The problem persists even when you try lớn boot from a USB bootable device).

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How to lớn FIX: máy tính xách tay Stuck at LENOVO hình ảnh screen. *

* Important: Before troubleshooting a computer, disconnect all peripheral devices to lớn make sure that the problem is not due to lớn a connected device.

Step 1. Reset BIOS to default settings.

The first step khổng lồ resolve the máy tính freezing at Lenovo logo, is khổng lồ reset the BIOS to default settings. To do that:

1. Turn OFF the máy tính by constantly pressing the power button for 5-7 seconds.2. Now follow the instructions below according your model, khổng lồ enter into BIOS:

If your system is ThinkPad, press the nguồn button & then immediately press the (Fn+) F2 or the (Fn+) F1 key rapidly and repeatedly.

3. At Exit tab select Load mặc định Settings or "Load Optimized settings".4. Save và exit from BIOS settings & see if you can boot to lớn Windows.5. If the laptop still freezes at Lenovo logo screen, continue to lớn next step.

Step 2. Disable the Lenovo Service Engine.

In some Lenovo laptops (and desktops), the system hangs at "Lenovo Logo" during boot, when the "Lenovo Service Engine" is enabled. Lớn disable the service:

1. Enter in BIOS menu.2. At Security tab, highlight và disable the "Lenovo Service Engine".


3. Save and Exit from BIOS menu.4. If the máy vi tính still stuck at Lenovo logo splash screen, continue to lớn next step.

Step 3: Perform a power Reset.

The next method to lớn resolve the "Lenovo logo stuck" issue, is to lớn perform a nguồn reset. To vì that:

1. Disconnect all connected peripherals.2. Remove the AC Adapter.3. Remove the Battery. *

* Note: If you cannot remove the battery, leave the máy tính xách tay open until the battery is discharged.

4. Press and hold down the Power button for at least 50-60 seconds và then release the power button.5. Connect only the AC Adapter và turn on the laptop.6. If Windows starts normally, shutdown your máy tính xách tay and reconnect the battery and peripherals.

Step 4. Remove the CMOS battery.

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1. Remove the Battery and the AC adapter.2. Turn the máy tính upside down và remove the back cover. *

* Note: The way of removing the back cover differs according the máy tính xách tay model. So, perform a Google search about how to lớn disassemble your own Lenovo máy tính xách tay model.

3. Locate and remove the CMOS battery. *

* Note: The CMOS battery has shape like a circle and you can remove it out by gently prying it out with a small, flat-head screwdriver.

4. Press and hold down the Power button for at least 50-60 seconds và then release it.

5. Connect first the AC Adapter & then reinsert the CMOS battery.5. Turn on the laptop. *

* Note: If the problem persists, remove và leave the CMOS battery unplugged for at least 30 minutes. Then, put the CMOS battery back, connect the AC Adapter and turn on the laptop.

Step 5. Remove the DVD unit. *

* Important: Turn off your computer and remove the nguồn Adapter, before adding or removing parts.

If you own a laptop with a DVD drive, then remove it & turn on your máy tính xách tay again. (This sounds weird, but in some cases works.)

Step 6. Remove và Reseat the RAM và Hard Drive.

When a computer (desktop or laptop) freezes at biểu tượng logo (POST) screen, usually means a problem with the hard drive (HDD), or the memory (RAM). So, proceed as follows:

* Important: Turn off your computer & remove the power nguồn Adapter, before adding or removing its parts.

1. Remove và reseat the RAM Module(s).2. Turn on the laptop and see if the problem persists. If yes, then…3. Turn off the máy tính and remove (disconnect) the hard drive (HDD).4. After removing the HDD, turn on the máy vi tính again.5. If the HDD is the cause of problem, then the Lenovo logo sản phẩm splash screen will disappear and you will receive a message saying "No bootable device found" or something lượt thích that. If this happen:*

a. Turn Off the laptop.b. Clean the contacts on both hard drive and the HDD socket with a liên hệ cleaner spray.c. Reconnect the hard drive & continue reading below (6).

* Note: If this does not happen, this indicates a BIOS problem, or a motherboard problem, which can only be repaired by a specialized computer technician.

6. Turn on the máy tính xách tay and see if the problem has solved. If not, proceed to backup your files và then perform a clean installation of Windows, by following the steps below:

a. Remove & connect the hard drive to another working computer (e.g. By using a USB khổng lồ SATA Hard Drive Adapter).b. If you can read the drive"s contents, proceed & backup your files. *

* Note: If the hard drive is not recognized from the secondary computer, then the HDD is faulty and you have khổng lồ replace it.

c. After backing up your files, proceed and diagnose the Hard Drive for problems, and according the results, replace the HDD (if it is faulty), or (if its OK) proceed & delete all partitions on the HDD.

7. After cleaning the partitions, put the HDD back on the máy tính xách tay and proceed lớn clean install Windows.

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