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You might be wondering why I’m writing a post about Sony a6000 lenses here in 2021. After all, there are many other great Sony mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses… so why write a post that focuses specifically on the best lenses for the Sony a6000?

The answer is quite simple – the Sony a6000 is widely regarded as the best selling mirrorless camera of all time.

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That’s quite a statement, considering its more recent successors, and all the other amazing mirrorless cameras available right now.

With so many happy owners around the world, it’s only natural that there’s a lot of interest in lenses and accessories for Sony a6000 owners.

Editor"s Choice

Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS

Affordable, lightweight, compact & fun. Blur the background of your photos to make your subject *pop*. This lens is the best bang for your buông xã.

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The Sony a6000 is excellent value for money. Its image unique and impressive sầu performance mean that it can stand head to lớn head with more expensive DSLR cameras, all for under $500.

Recently I was fortunate enough lớn borrow a selection of Sony E-Mount lenses khổng lồ kiểm tra with the a6000.

After shooting more than 5,000 images (thanks 11 frames per second!), I’ve curated a selection of recommended lenses that I believe should be on the wish các mục of every Sony a6000 owner.

What are the best Sony a6000 lenses?

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Top 5 Sony a6000 Lenses in 2021What Lenses are Compatible with the Sony a6000?

Best Sony a6000 Lenses

Image Product Features
Sony E 35milimet f/1.8 OSSOUR #1 CHOICEUseful Focal DistanceGreat BokehLightweight và CompactGreat ValueView Price →
Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DNBEST FOR PORTTRAITSRazor SharpGreat Image QualityFast Aulớn FocusGreat Build QualityView Price →
Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSSBEST ZOOMAmazing ValueReady for FE BodiesRazor SharpGreat Image QualityView Price →
Rokinon 12milimet f/2 NCSBEST WIDE ANGLEDramatic PerspectiveGreat Build QualityLittle DistortionAmazing ValueView Price →
Sony E 20mm f/2.8BEST FOR TRAVELFeatherlight & TinyVersatile Focal LengthGreat Auto FocusAffordableView Price →

So here’s my Review of the 5 best lenses for the Sony a6000. You can use it as a guide for recommended high-quality Sony lenses for any of the other APS-C E-mount mirrorless cameras, but I’ve concentrated specifically on those that persize well with the a6000.

To add some variety khổng lồ my recommendations, I also reviewed a selection from the competitively-priced non-Sony-branded lenses, which work well with the a6000.

Top 5 Sony a6000 Lenses in 2021

1. Sony E 35milimet f/1.8 OSS

I’m a big fan of prime lenses and recommover them to all màn chơi of photographer. They’re the quickest way to lớn get better at composition, simplifying the picture taking process by removing the variable of multiple focal lengths (as offered by zooms).

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Don’t get me wrong, zooms have their place in photography. However, I believe sầu every photographer should have at least one small, fast prime lens… & for Sony a6000 owners, this Sony E 35milimet f/1.8 OSS lens is it.

If you own a mirrorless camera as small as the Sony a6000, it seems silly lớn put an enormous lens on it. Paired with this dinky 35milimet lens, the camera will be a pleasure khổng lồ shoot, và still fit into lớn a jacket pocket – something DSLR camera owners can only dream of (see my mirrorless vs DSLR buyer’s guide).

On the cropped sensor (APS-C) Sony a6000, this lens will give roughly a 50milimet field of view, which is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for a whole range of subjects. 50milimet is a popular focal length since it gives an undistorted view of the world, and can be flattering for portraits, without making the subject feel detached lượt thích a longer lens can.

By ‘fast’ prime lens, I mean that the lens aperture (as represented by the f-number) is wide enough lớn allow faster shutter speeds và lower ISOs in low light.

In other words, the f/1.8 of this Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens will allow you to lớn take photos with the Sony a6000 in low light without a flash, much easier than with a ‘slower’ lens such as the kit lens that comes with it. (The smaller the f-number, the larger the aperture).

An aperture of f/1.8 also means that you’ll be able to get that coveted blurred background look that really separates lesser cameras. Sure, your iPhone ‘portrait mode’ may be able to lớn bởi something similar, but the process is much slower with the thiết bị di động phone và it’s fancy A.I.


As for image chất lượng, theSony 35mm f/1.8 lens delivers images that simply aren’t possible with the kit lens that comes with your camera. Sharpness is impressive at f/1.8, và continues to improve to lớn around f/4 where the sharpness and overall contrast excels for a lens of this price.

On the topic of price, at around $400, you may hesitate, especially as several Sony Altrộn a6000 lenses can be found cheaper…

However, a camera is only as good as its lens, & by investing in the Sony 35mm f/1.8, you’re really making the most of your a6000’s abilities.

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The ‘OSS’ refers to Optical SteadyShot (image stabilization), a feature that is rare on prime lenses. In combination with the fast f/1.8 aperture, this makes the lens excellent for low light shooting, allowing you lớn keep the ISO of your Sony a6000 as low as possible khổng lồ create noise-không lấy phí images.

All in all, the Sony 35mm f/1.8 lensis the best prime lens for Sony a6000 owners who a small and lightweight thiết đặt with excellent optical performance – it’s in many respects the perfect travel camera/lens combination. Highly recommended!