How to unlock lg g2 l g g2 verizon in white android smartphone


Prices vary depending on network và phone model. Complete our khung to kiểm tra the best price available khổng lồ unlock your phone.
STEP 1: Enter your LG G2 L-01F L01F information

To find your IMEI number, dial *#06# on your phone (IMEI is a 15 digit number). We’ll then give you the best price available to unlock your LG G2 L-01F L01F.

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STEP 2: Pay securely

Our methods of payment include credit card, PayPal & Skrill. All payments are protected with a 100% money back guarantee.

STEP 3: Receive your LG G2 L-01F L01F unlock code

Your unlock code và instructions will be sent via e-mail as quickly as your phone network allows. Enter the code into your LG G2 L-01F L01F & it’s immediately unlocked.

LG Optimus P705

Things lớn know before unlocking your with

Before ordering:

Ensure that your is SIM locked. To vì chưng this, insert another network SIM and wait for an unlocking message to be displayed. If your phone doesn’t show any unlocking message & does work with another network SIM, your is NOT SIM locked.

Be sure that you send us the correct IMEI. There are 2 ways to lớn retrieve the IMEI of your : Either dial *#06# on your phone, or check the sticker underneath the battery of your handset. The IMEI is a 15 digit number that is chất lượng for each handset.

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If you place an incorrect order by not fulfilling the above requirements, we are unable khổng lồ provide a refund. Whenever processes an unlocking request, it costs us money, even if the submitted IMEI or network information is inaccurate.

NOTE: We vì chưng not unlock CDMA or Dual-SIM Phones. Any orders place for these phones are not eligible for a refund.


To use your unlock code, insert another network SIM into your phone. Your will read “Enter unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code”. Enter the code and your phone will immediately be unlocked. If your phone fails to lớn display a designated field khổng lồ enter the unlock code, please liên hệ us for further instructions.

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