Lg29uc88 full hd 1080p curved screen


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This ultra wide curved monitor is designed by the brand LG itself và named as LG 29UC88. It comes with a diagonal screen form size about 29 inches & a resolution about 2560 x 1080 pixels. Moreover the flat screen has an adjustable stand with height và tilt function. Thus you are able lớn change the position to lớn enjoy a comfortable watching experience. The brightness is about 300 cd/m3 và the response time just about 5 ms. You will have HDMI, display port và headphone out as connections.

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Great entry Ultra wide monitor!

When I received this monitor, the included installation disc had a large crack on one side. Lucky the monitor it"s self was in perfect condition. To get this out there this monitor does have a large amount of Black-light bleed on the corners và edges of the display. Besides that the 29" of this display is perfect for my needs (as a gamer and programmer), 34" would be over kill for my desk side & I won"t be able to put my second monitor up. The only thing that would make this monitor better is if it had a higher refresh rate (maybe like 100 or 120Hz at least) & maybe a faster response time but that"s just me being greedy. For this price this monitor is perfect; and it"s an IPS panel as well. Coming from a TN panel, I can tell you it makes a world of a difference. All in all the stand is solid và stable, with height và slight tilt adjustments. Currently I have this monitor (for multi tasking, graphic art, programming, and gaming since I have a much better FOV & freesync support) và my nixeus 24" 144hz monitor (as a side monitor, gaming, và watching 16:9 nội dung since 16:9 nội dung on a ultra wide have đen bars on each side of the screen).Maybe one day there will be a 144hz 29" 1080p ultra wide with freesync, until then this will be my daily driver.Read full review