Log Horizon Season 3 Finale Explained (Will There Be A Season 4?) The third season of Log Horizon finally aired in 2021. Here’s what happened during the season 3 finale và whether season 4 will happen.

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log horizon season 3
Here’s what happened in the Log Horizon season 3 finale and whether or not the series will return for a fourth season. Log Horizon is an isekai anime based on Mamare Touno’s light novel series of the same name. The show follows the adventures of Shiroe – a veteran player of an MMORPG called Elder Tale who alongside 100,000 fellow players is transported into lớn the game while playing during an update. The first season of Log Horizon premiered in 2013 và focused on Shiroe và his friends as they adjusted khổng lồ their new reality living in Elder Tale.

To that over, they worked lớn establish some semblance of order in their in-game hometown of Akihabara by forming an alliance of various guilds named the Round Table and cooperating with the MMORPG’s native sầu non-playable characters (known as “Landers”). Shiroe & pals also discovered a worrying aspect of life in Elder Tale; while dying in-game doesn’t kill players, it does cause them to thua thảm memories of their real lives & the real world. Log Horizon season 2, meanwhile, arrived in 2014 and saw Shiroe & his allies embark on a quest to discover the source of the world’s gold which involved fighting many Elder Tale bosses. Shiroe also made contact with his one-upon-a-time love interest Kanamày, who was also trapped in Elder Tale and tasked hyên with finding a way to travel between the game world and reality.

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Fans of the anime series were left waiting a long time for Log Horizon season 3 which finally landed in 2021. Officially titled Log Horizon: Destruction Of The Round Table, the show’s third season was much shorter with just twelve episodes rather than the usual 25. The lachạy thử season found Shiroe and the Round Table facing a crisis as faith in the alliance wavered, though the issue was addressed by the formation of a new Round Table council representative sầu of players & Landers. However, the rest of Log Horizon season 3 wasn’t all plain sailing for Shiroe & pals as they faced a new threat in the size of a powerful anime quái thú named Eirenus who launched an attachồng on Akihabara & had the ability to lớn lower the levels of veteran players.

Log Horizon
For a while it looked lượt thích Eirenus might emerge victorious but by Log Horizon"s season 3 finale rolled around the residents were finally gaining ground. Thanks khổng lồ an attaông chồng coordinated by Shiroe’s love sầu rivals Akatsuki & Minori (with a little help from questgiver characters and sisters Lelia & Litka Mofur), Eirenus was defeated & a celebration was held. During the celebrations Shiroe’s protégé Minori confessed her love only khổng lồ be rebuffed because he had developed feelings for Akatsuki, while elsewhere Lelia và Litka decided khổng lồ stay in Akihabara. The finale ended with the reveal Shiroe intends khổng lồ travel the Elder Tale đô thị of Minangươi, setting up plenty of action for a fourth season.

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Unfortunately, Log Horizon season 4 has yet lớn be announced by producers Studio Deen but Touno’s light novel series is ongoing which means there’s plenty of source material for further seasons. Considering the lengthy gap between seasons 2 & 3, however, it could be quite some time before Log Horizon season 4 happens.