Everything about lol servers you ever need to know


It’s no secret that League of Legends has millions of active sầu players worldwide. But in order lớn accommodate them all playing at the same time, the game must have sầu several servers located around the world.

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The chances are you’ve played on at least 1 or 2 different regions during your time playing LoL, but have sầu you ever stopped & thought about the other servers?

Currently, there are 13 different LoL servers available ranging from Europe to America to Asia to even the public beta environment. With each server having its own community và ranking system there are often disputes between which VPS is the hardest to lớn rank in.

To give sầu you an insight into all the different LoL servers available, we’ll be exploring each one individually và seeing what it has khổng lồ offer.

Brazil - BR


The first on our danh mục of LoL servers is the Brazilian hệ thống. Often abbreviated lớn just BR the Brazilian hệ thống was launched on 13th September 2012 và you guessed it, covers all of Brazil. Players on the BR VPS primarily speak Portuguese as their primary language. If you only know English then it’s probably not a good idea lớn transfer your tài khoản over to lớn this region.

The VPS itself is located in located in São Paulo, Brazil which means everyone in the area will get super low ping and should have no issues when playing the game.

Europe Nordic & East - EUNE


The second server on our danh mục of LoL servers is the Europe Nordic & East VPS or EUNE for short. Launched on 12th July 2010, the server covers plenty of countries including, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Poland. That means it’s probably no surprise when players speak several languages as well ranging from Greek khổng lồ English to lớn Polish và Romanian.

The server itself is located in Frankfurt, Germany which is slightly odd considering Germany is not included in this VPS. Our guess is it’s to lớn vày with their vast network infrastructure which makes them the best choice to host the VPS.

Europe West - EUW


Next up is the highly popular EUW or Europe West for those not up lớn date with their abbreviations. Launched at the same time as the EUNE hệ thống in July 2010 the hệ thống covers a whole range of countries from the UK khổng lồ Germany to Spain. This also means that there is a whole array of different languages spoken such as English, German & Spanish. Although the primary language is certainly English.

The VPS itself is located in Amsterdam which is a great middle ground that covers all of the nearby countries. However, if you do play from Italy you might experience higher ping due lớn the distance.

Latin America North - LAN


Venture south of America & you’ll find the Latin America North VPS. Covering regions such as Mexiteo, Panama & Cucha if you thought League of Legends wasn’t big in Latin America, then think again. Also referred khổng lồ as the LAN VPS, it was launched on 5th June 2013 with the majority of players on the VPS speaking only Spanish.

If you’re thinking of moving khổng lồ this server to climb the ladder, then communication with your teammates might be a problem. Unlike the name would suggest, the physical VPS for this region is actually located in Miangươi, Florida.

Latin America South - LAS


If you go south of Latin America North, then you enter Latin America South. Covering countries such as Chile, Argentina & Bolivia, the server is basically the sister to lớn Latin America North. Launched at the same time on June 5th 2013, the primary language for this server is also Spanish. However, unlike the LAN hệ thống, the LAS server is actually located in the same region as the areas it serves. The server can be found in Chile so expect excellent latency no matter which part of the region you are playing from.

North America - NA

One of the oldest LoL servers on the danh sách, North America has been around since the launch of the game bachồng in October of 2009. Covering the entire North America region (hence the name), the NA hệ thống is one of the most popular servers out there.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the server contains mostly players who speak English as their primary language. Since players are very similar to lớn players on the EUW hệ thống, many players often make smurf accounts in other regions to climb both ladders at the same time.

Oceania - OCE

Considering Australia và New Zeal& are on the other side of the world, it’s no surprise that they have sầu their own hệ thống regions. Hailed the Oceania server or OCE for short, the server covers just nước Australia và New Zeal&. Launched on June 28th 2013, although the VPS hasn"t been out for very long it has been welcomed by many players. Before the hệ thống was released, many players were forced to play on the Asia servers as the other English-speaking regions were too far away. This lead to lớn huge language barrier problems và incredibly high pings.

However, with the release of the Oceania server players can now play with low ping & other English speaking players with ease. Hosted in Sydney, nước Australia, players will never have sầu to lớn endure playing with 9 other non-English speaking players again.

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Russia - RU

Launched on 17th April 2013, the Russian server, or RU for short covers the entirety of Russia and is exclusive sầu to lớn that country (similar khổng lồ the Brazilian server). As you may have well guessed, most players only speak Russian, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun. The VPS itself is not actually hosted in Russia which might seem strange, but we think it"s something to bởi with political reasons.

The server itself is hosted in Munich which isn’t too far away but thanks khổng lồ Germany’s great networking infrastructure, allows players to play with relatively low pings.

Turkey - TR

Continuing with our các mục of LoL servers we have the Turkish server or TR for short. Launched in September 2012, Riot decided to release this server when they realised they had a large number of Turkish-speaking players that needed a place lớn play. Instead of mixing them with another server, they decided the dem& was high enough to lớn have sầu its own server.

The strange thing about this server is that although it covers Turkey, the hệ thống itself is hosted in Dublin, Irel&. We’re not exactly sure if it’s true or why it’s not Germany instead, but the current location definitely points lớn Dublin.

nhật bản - JP

Hosted in Tokyo, Japan, is the Japanese VPS or JPhường as it is often referred to. Having only been recently released in March năm nhâm thìn, many players had to play on the other Asia servers which quickly became crowded and swamped with Asian players.

To match up players better, Riot decided to give sầu nhật bản their very own server where Japanese speaking players could play. This move was praised by players và allows gamers to lớn play with other like-minded people that speak Japanese. After all, Asia is a huge continent with many different languages.

Garemãng cầu South East Asia - SEA

Based in South East Asia the SEA VPS covers countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines. Released on July 17th 2010, there server contains many players who speak a variety of different languages. The SEA VPS is 1 of only 2 servers that are not ran by Riot. SEA is, in fact, ran by Garena, a Riot Games partner.

In the future Riot have mentioned that they would lượt thích khổng lồ create their own South East Asian VPS splitting it inlớn the regions. Some users actually prefer the Garemãng cầu servers due lớn not recieving buggy updates, a good connection, less down time và a strong local community, however they also recieve sầu patches, skins and champions later.

Republic of Korea - KR

Covering the South of Korea only, the KR hệ thống was launched in December 2011 and contains players who only speak Korean. One of the most popular & highly populated LoL servers out there, many professional players including the members of SKT play on here.

To play on the Korean Server you actually need a SIN, which can be used to lớn control your mạng internet access if you are under 18. To get a valid SIN you need to have sầu a Korean citizenship. This is why it"s so hard khổng lồ actually buy a Korean League of Legends account.

People"s Republic of China - CN

The Chinese hệ thống, the main of which (hệ thống 1 (电一 网一)) is based in Shangnhì, is split into 27 servers spread around the country. Each of these servers hosts around 650,000 people which means the China VPS is easily the most populated League of Legends hệ thống.

This is also the newest League of Legends server và has a quality "Super Server" where users who are Diamond 1 or above sầu can create an account, và recieve sầu an instant màn chơi 30 and many champions. This is mostly used as a training ground for professional & high elo players. It"s not currently possible to lớn transfer to the Chinese servers from any other VPS.

Public Beta Environment - PBE

Although this is not technically a VPS region, it is a hệ thống so we thought we would include it anyway! Based in Los Angeles, California, this demo environment has been around since the dawn of time. Riot use this as their primary testing facility to demo new patches, champions & updates. If the first servers were launched in October of 2009, then this server must have been around way before that.

Still used today by Riot employees & players, the VPS is great for exploring new nội dung. However, be warned, if you don’t live in North America then you’re probably going to get really high ping.

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Now you know everything about the different LoL servers, which one is the most popular & which has the most players? If you want lớn find out more, be sure lớn read our post on how many players are on each LoL server.

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