One Piece Season 13 Episode 935

One Piece Episode 935, which is titled "Zoro, Stunned! The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman!," featured the continuation of the Sumo Inferno Tournament at the Excavation Labor Camp in Udon where Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy was forced khổng lồ participate. Despite being completely outnumbered, Luffy has easily defeated every enemy that he faced by using his powerful Haki. In the latest episode of One Piece, he was shown demonstrating his ability khổng lồ predict the future against two Gifters - Alpacaman and Madilloman.

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As the Sumo Inferno Tournament continues, the opponents that Luffy face get tougher. From ordinary soldiers who used various weapons, Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague started sending his subordinates who ate SMILE devil fruit. After Bearman got beaten, Queen summoned Alpacaman & Madilloman. Alpacaman is a Gifter who ate an Alpaca SMILE devil fruit, while Madilloman consumed an Armadillo SMILE devil fruit.

Both of them looked formidable and were using incredible techniques, but none of their attacks seemed to lớn work against Luffy and his tag team partner, Old Man Hyo. The old prisoner doesn"t possess a strong Observation Haki, but he was able to dodge every attack with the help of Luffy. With his ability khổng lồ predict the future, Luffy only needed to lớn tell his friend which direction he should go to lớn prevent him from being hit by the enemies" attacks.

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While they were fighting the Gifters, Old Man Hyo started to notice that Luffy was up khổng lồ something. He couldn"t help himself but ask Luffy what"s on his mind. Luffy revealed that using their opponents as his training partners, he"s aiming lớn improve his color of Arms, also known as Armament Haki. It is a size of Haki that allows the user lớn use their own spiritual energy to lớn create, in essence, an invisible armor, providing incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. By having a stronger Armament Haki, he believes that he would be able to lớn break Emperor Kaido"s tough scales.

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Aside from the ongoing Sumo Inferno Tournament, One Piece Episode 935 also revealed the situation of the subordinates of Heart Pirates captain Trafalgar D. Water Law. Bepo, Shachi, và Penguin were shown locked in the Rasetsu Town Prisoner"s Quarters with the samurai with reverse crescent moon tattoo in their ankles. They were all worried that their friends might think that they were the ones who leaked the information about their plan khổng lồ raid Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival.