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Mr. C.K. Chu, the father of one of the founders of, has been collecting fine jadeites since 1960s. He always has many fascinating stories about jadeite to mô tả with his descendants. In 1978, one of his friends who lived in Los Angeles called him và told him there was a lady who had collected multiple pieces of jadeite jewellery và wanted to sell some of them, only his friend didn’t disclose the name of the lady. Mr. Chu had some instinct and special feeling that this might be a good opportunity, và he decided lớn make a trip to lớn the United States from Hong Kong lớn meet this lady and learn about her treasures.

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A week later, Mr. Chu arrived at his friend’s jewellery store in Los Angeles Chinatown và waited to lớn meet this mysterious lady. Later on, an elegant lady at about forty years old appeared. Mr. Chu quickly recognized her as Dang Tuyet Mai, the wife of Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky of South Vietnam during 1960s. Madame Nguyen was often reported by the truyền thông media in the 60s and 70s as the most beautiful first lady (or wife of Vice President to lớn be exact).

During the Vietnam War, the vice president fled lớn the United States with his family after their defeat at the war. Prior to their defeat, South Vietnam was supported by America lớn fight against the 6struyenky.vnmunist forces in North Vietnam. After the United States withdrew their forces from Vietnam, South Vietnam was quickly conquered by North Vietnam. Before that, the US government had already arranged for Vice President Nguyen and his wife to lớn be sent khổng lồ the United States.

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Madame Nguyen took out a few jadeite beauties to show Mr. Chu. Each one was top quality, imperial green jadeite piece with fine texture & high translucency. Madame Nguyen said, “When my husband & I were in Vietnam before the war, we had lots of real estate properties và cash. However, in the later period of the war, everything could not be taken with us. The only high value items that were 6struyenky.vnpact enough lớn be packed in the escape were jewellery.” và when she arrived in the United States, she relied on this batch of jewellery khổng lồ provide her with money in cash. She bought homes & properties in Los Angeles & lived a 6struyenky.vnfortable new life there. On that day, Mr. Chu bought a jadeite pendant and two jadeite rings from Madame Nguyen for around USD 400,000 which in the 70s was an astronomical figure (note: in the 70s, a small residential flat in Hong Kong was worth USD 10,000 only).

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This story brings out a truth that when there is social unrest or war, other assets cannot be easily taken away except for jewellery. Madame Nguyen’s wise investment on fine jewellery had changed the path of her life.