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Many Left 4 Dead players have strong feelings about the maps available in the game. Here are some of the best.


Despite the title being released in 2008, the Left 4 Dead series has always been considered to lớn be one of the đứng top zombie co-op shooters of all time. Fighting against hordes of zombies solo or with friends always proves to lớn be an exciting time as you struggle lớn stay alive. Not only that, but the variety of game modes that it has to offer can also spice things up.

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A big part of what made Left 4 Dead amazing was its art and bản đồ designs. Each one is different from the others as they aesthetically fit the post-apocalyptic environment.


Crash Course isn’t a bad map, it’s just extremely short. What’s interesting about it is the bản đồ features the highest mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of Special Infected enemies and items that can appear at the same time. Despite its length, this is what makes Crash Course one of the most chaotic maps in the series.

While the campaign isn't the most replayable thing, playing the bản đồ in versus mode against real players can prove to lớn be a challenge considering how small it is. Having the right team of infected can take down a team in seconds. It creates a close-quarters environment filled with intense moments.


Hard Rain is designed exactly as the title suggests. In the earlier stages, it starts off raining lightly và gets harder as you progress through the map. It’s an interesting concept since it creates a tense atmosphere keeping you on edge.

The rain gimmick itself is what brings the bản đồ down on this list. The first time playing through it is fun, but after several runs, it can get old fast (real fast). Considering that the only thing you see is rain, it’s near impossible to thoroughly enjoy the scenery because of the constant downpour. Veteran players would probably rank this bản đồ lower depending on how many times they've played it.


The Passing is only one màn chơi longer than Crash Course, but it brought new additions lớn the game. The M60, the golf club, & the Fallen Survivor creating new ways lớn play. It's visually pleasing as you travel throughout a suburban town in Georgia.

The best part of the bản đồ is the survivors of Left 4 Dead 2 have a run-in with the original Left 4 Dead survivors (minus Bill). It creates a quality line of dialogue between the two groups. Even though their roles are minor, it's still nice lớn see some of our favorite characters from the first game again.


Swamp Fever is aesthetically pleasing as it has you traversing through the bayous và swamplands. It’s dark, depressing, và enjoyable to play through. Just like Hard Rain, there’s also a gimmick at play here. Your movement tốc độ is slowed as you constantly walk through the mud. While some lượt thích to speedrun through a maps you’ll have difficulty doing so here.

The maps adds a new common infected known as Mud Men. Whenever they hit you, they slow you down and cover the screen in…well…mud. There’s an appreciation for the challenge that it creates making you think about the actions and routes you make.

With Dead Center being the 1st maps in Left 4 Dead 2, it's a perfect starting level for players. It doesn’t vì chưng too much to stand out above the other maps making it pretty average. The mall level is what makes up for it tough as it gives off a Dead Rising vibe.

It has great pacing allowing you khổng lồ take in the beautiful scenery it has to offer. From the đô thị streets khổng lồ the shopping center everything screams Savannah, Georgia. The finale is enjoyable as it has you finding gas cans to fill up the getaway vehicle. The higher the difficulty, the more cans you need lớn find.

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Blood Harvest is a màn chơi that can be appreciated the more you play through it. The entire maps will have you second guessing your movements as it's easy lớn get lost. The scenery is dreary as it puts you in a pitch đen forest along with putting you in a field of corn.

Unlike Swamp Fever & Hard Rain, the gimmick with this map is only effective on players who haven’t played on it often. If you’re a veteran player you may still have difficulty, but not as much as a casual. Regardless, Blood Harvest is unique & provides some type of entertainment.

The main attraction of Dark Carnival is the visuals, và you guessed it, the carnival theme. With everything taking place in an amusement park it gives off a Zombieland (2009) vibe. There are even clown zombies that honk when you push them back.

Throughout the level, you can even interact with certain attractions such as roller coasters & even carnival games (Who can forget about Gnome Chompski?). The finale itself has you putting on a concert in order lớn signal for help. The whole entire maps is just a blast with all the bright lights, sounds, & games. Even without friends, it's one of the best levels khổng lồ play in single-player.

Dead Air is a map that has a lot going on around it. Despite it implying it being surrounded by airplanes, you actually have to vì quite a bit khổng lồ get there. You have khổng lồ traverse a rooftop, an office building, & a construction yard before making it lớn the airport. It may seem lượt thích a lot, but each cấp độ is interesting as the scenery keeps changing.

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There’s nothing but constant explosions happening all around you. The airport section itself is big creating moments of separation between you & your teammates. Dead Air is amazing & has high trả lời value.

The Parish is the final core chiến dịch in Left 4 Dead 2, và it finishes the game out with a bang. Everything about the maps is amazing from the level design & the colors. It fits the New Orleans setting as you traverse the đô thị streets.

The best part about The Parish is the bridge finale as it has you race across to a helicopter on the other side. Along the way, bombs are constantly being dropped around you, and you can barely hear anything. Having such an intense moment fills you with adrenalin và is exciting no matter how many times you finish the level.

No Mercy is the best map in the entire series. Not only is it the first maps in Left 4 Dead, but it is highly replayable due khổng lồ its pacing, finale, and environment. The hospital portion of it really immerses you as it perfectly depicts the several narrow hallways and doors that can be explored.

Each of the five levels has something khổng lồ offer you whether it's in the sewers or the subway. The finale has you fighting for your life as multiple waves of zombie swarm you while waiting for the helicopter evacuation lớn arrive. With how amazing these maps are, it's disappointing that Left 4 Dead 3 isn’t currently in development.

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