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I need to mix the region of interest or ROI in an image cv::Mat. I have seen that there are functions for IplImage images, but I could not find the equivalent functions for cv::Mat.

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Also, I have the following questions:

Is it possible khổng lồ set an ROI with a customized form, ie other than a rectangle?

Thanks in advance for any responses & / or comments.

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Simply done by:

Mat image = imread("");Rect region_of_interest = Rect(x, y, w, h);Mat image_roi = image(region_of_interest); There you go :)


Custom kích thước only works by using a mask. And to lớn answer your question: yes, either by cv::Rect or using cv::Range (e.g. image roi = image(Range(y,y+h), Range(x,x+w));


I think there should be a way lớn create an irregular roi, simply a mask. Is there a way lớn thresholded mask as a roi, I mean for the rest of the operations, I want for example non-zero pixels khổng lồ be processed.

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nothing easier than that: cv::Mat mask = ( input_mat != 0); all elements which are not 0 are phối to 255.

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