Mee audio m7 pro universal

With their comfortable fit, great sound, and replaceable cables, M6 in-ear monitors have been a hit with musicians all around the world since 2015. The current 2nd-generation model features upgraded sound and build quality, as well as our first-ever optional personalization with available custom-engraved faceplates và custom-fit eartips.

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With their modular construction, comfortable fit, and great sound, the M6 in-ear monitors have been a hit with musicians all around the world. The new 2nd-generation Mã Sản Phẩm features upgraded sound và build unique và introduces MEE audio’s first-ever optional personalization with available custom-engraved faceplates.

An ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm và aluminum voice coil are capable of more precise movement than conventional drivers, delivering clear, full-range audio. The highly acclaimed sound of the M6 gets further refined for the second generation with revised tuning above 2 kHz for an even more accurate midrange & smoother, more natural treble.

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The sealed in-ear design of the M6 & included Comply™ T-Series memory foam eartips reduce outside noise, enabling safer listening volumes & im6struyenky.vnving sound quality for a superior audio experience.

Designed for extended listening sessions, the lightweight, low-6struyenky.vnfile M6 utilizes flexible over-the-ear memory wire and seven pairs of eartips khổng lồ 6struyenky.vnvide a secure, personalized fit for all ears, eliminating the need lớn re-adjust your earphones.

Engineered for real-world reliability, the M6 features a sweat-resistant thiết kế and detachable, replaceable cables, with both a regular stereo cable and headphối cable included in the box. Connection points & other hardware have sầu been redesigned for the 2nd generation model to lớn im6struyenky.vnve toughness under harsh conditions.

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The included headset cable features a built-in microphone & remote, letting you seamlessly take calls & control truyền thông playbaông xã with compatible phones và tablets.

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