Meizu launched the Meizu 15 Plus a few days ago. The device offers a lot of features that would thrill Android enthusiasts—a 16:9 display, slyên ổn bezels, no notch, etc—but is ultimately let down by its less than spectacular software.

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Meizu"s 15-series devices have sầu been in the headlines for a while now. The company finally released the smartphones a few days ago, though, with the lineup of devices being in commemoration of Meizu"s 15-year anniversary.

The Meizu 15 Plus is the flagship device amongst the three launched devices. It sports a 5.95-inch QHD AMOLED display, & is powered by the Exynos 8895, Samsung"s 2017 flagship SoC. The fact that it"s a 16:9 device is sure to lớn appeal to lớn a nibít crowd, though we"re not sure if opinions will be positive sầu, considering how large the display is. The device comes in two variants: one with 64 GB of storage, và the other with 128 GB. Both have sầu 6 GB of RAM to lớn Call upon.

Camera-wise, it features a dual rear camera setup (12 MP + đôi mươi MP, f/1.8 aperture). The rear cameras are equipped with both OIS and EIS, which makes for an impressive lineup. The secondary rear camera is a telepholớn lens with 3x optical zoom, while the selfie shooter is a trăng tròn MPhường sensor.

The Meizu 15 Plus features a 3500 mAh battery, chargeable via a Type-C port và with Meizu"s 24W mCharge. The device comes equipped with stereo speakers, a 3.5milimet tai nghe jachồng, a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, facial recognition, & a new, powerful haptic engine that"s said khổng lồ rival that found on the iPhones.

The Meizu 15 Plus. (Source: GSMArena)

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On paper, the Meizu 15 Plus looks lượt thích one of the best flagships we"ve sầu seen this year. It has none of the weaknesses we"ve seen on other flagships—no notch, has a headphone jaông xã, và has a sizeable battery. Its cameras are also impressive sầu, at least on paper. However, a few things mar the overall package of the device. For one, it runs on Android Nougat, which—considering the fact that we"re about four months away from the launch of Android P—is just shameful.

All things considered, software is what truly holds the Meizu 15 Plus baông chồng. Flyme OS is divisive sầu at the very least và has painfully aggressive sầu RAM management, the device runs on Nougat instead of Oreo, and there"s a laông chồng of Treble support as a result. Most annoying is the fact that Meizu devices are inherently averse lớn bootloader unlocks.

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Treble support and an unlockable bootloader would have made this a flagship truly worthy of the headlines. But as it stands, the Meizu 15 Plus is a flawed piece of art. Bells and whistles are all good and fun on paper but questions are khổng lồ be asked if you only get lớn play with them with chains on.

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The Meizu 15 Plus has a base (6/64 GB) price tag of about US$475, while the model with 128 GB will leave sầu your pockets US$5trăng tròn lighter.