Xiaomi mi band 4 marvel avengers edition unboxing review

The limited edition of Xiaomày Mi bvà 4 Marvel Avengers went on sale on Xiaomi's official trang web at 10:00 on June 28, 2019, & it is believed that many Marvel fans are looking forward to lớn the smart bracelet. Unfortunately, this edition is limited to lớn Trung Quốc and cannot be purchased overseas. Now let's take a look at the detailed picture & text.


Xiaomi Mi band 4Avengers limited edition gift box is veryplentiful, including a bracelet main body (standard version)& three custom watchbands, blachồng Avengers, blue captain America, red iron man.

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In addition, the gift box also has a built-in exclusive collection certificate, nameplate, and a unique five-digit collection number printed in the collection certificate, which greatly increases the purchase value, especially for Avengers fans.



After binding the smart bracelet to lớn the mobile phone, you canselect the dialin the XiaoMi MI FITAPP, a total of more than 380 kinds.


Caller ID, information, WeChat, notification, alarm clock, weather & other information can be viewed on the braceletscreen.


The newly upgraded AMOLED large screen color display not only improves the brightness, but also increases the display area by 39.9%, which can display more information, thus reducing the page turning times of long notifications & further improving the efficiency of use.


Due khổng lồ the tăng cấp of the screen, Xiaomày Mi b& 4brings Alipay offline payment function, unlock the new payment method, can reach out khổng lồ complete the payment.

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Slide right on the front page of the bracelet khổng lồ enter the music controlpage, supporting functions such as pause / start, upper / next music, volume control, etc.

Mi band4 supports running, walking, cycling, indoor running, swimming & other sports monitoring, as well as sleep monitoring, manual / all-day heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminders and other health functions.

In addition, the charging mode of Xiaomi Mi b& 4has also been upgraded from the previous insertion to placement, although the charging mode has changed, but the ancestral advantage of the Xiaongươi bracelet is still retained.

Xiaomi Mi bandseries since its advent, has come to the fifth year, the fourth generation of products, with its strong sản phẩm power and high performance-to-price ratio, in the wearable device market has caused quite a stir.

Generally speaking, due khổng lồ the NFC version can not be used aboard, và the Avengers limited edition khổng lồ be equivalent to lớn the Mi bvà 4 standard version. If you want to experience the new mi band 4 smart b&, the international versionin 6struyenky.vn is a good choice.

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As of the first quarter of 2019, the cumulative shipment of Xiaomày bracelet series has reached 62.27 million units, it can besay that it is the most popular smart bandin the world. Xiaomi Mi band 4in a short period of eight days after the launch, the shipment has exceeded 1 million units, but also phối the fastest shipping speed in the history of XiaomiMi bvà.

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