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Around 22 million students across Vietphái mạnh started learning from home page when the nation went into lockdown against COVID-19 in early January.

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Asia Pacific, Vietnam, 8 July 2020 – As part of Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19, 22 million students in Vietnam giới began learning from trang chính in early January while the nation went into lockdown. This was made possible through a partnership between the Ministry of Education và Training (MOET) & 6struyenky.vn, which equipped educational institutions across 61 provinces in Vietnam giới with remote learning capabilities, including more than 3,368,000 Office 365 accounts.

The 6struyenky.vn Innovative Educator (MIE) program enabled the collective push for digital transformation. It was no easy feat as most institutions had lacked online learning resources prior to the nationwide lockdown, so many were hard-hit by the sudden overnight switch to online learning.

Digital tools for remote learning

In the đô thị of Hai Phong, more than 200 schools were armed with 6struyenky.vn Teams, with more than 200,000 students from 4,000 classes continuing their lessons from the safety of their homes in just over a day.

Students in Hai Phong enjoying real-time interaction with their teachers on 6struyenky.vn Teams

Mr. Le Quoc Tien, Director at Department of Education & Training in Hai Phong said, “We were initially under tremendous pressure to move all classes online as quickly as possible. We saw 6struyenky.vn Teams as a reliable và secure solution that could empower teachers lớn closely replicate the traditional classroom experience in a virtual environment. This means students could still enjoy two-way interactions và learn effectively with minimal disruption from the safety of their homes during the school closure.”

Meanwhile, for schools that were more familiar with online learning, the use of 6struyenky.vn Teams was an even more seamless process. Nguyen Tat Tkhô nóng Secondary and High School in Hanoi was the first to lớn deploy 6struyenky.vn Teams as the default mode of learning for all students when the government first announced school closures.

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Before the pandemic, the school had already begun conducting classes online on Saturdays. This foresight allowed the school lớn swiftly transition khổng lồ 6struyenky.vn Teams, minimizing the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Anh, Principal of Nguyen Tat Tkhô nóng Secondary và High School said, “Since the onmix of COVID-19, we have adopted the use of Office 365 in school, và all students have sầu been attending classes via Teams. It is encouraging khổng lồ see how giải pháp công nghệ can enable uninterrupted learning during this difficult time by encouraging collaboration and interaction between students and teachers.”

A student from Nguyen Tat Thanh khô Secondary & High School attends classes via 6struyenky.vn Teams

Unlocking potential

The move sầu lớn remote learning enabled by 6struyenky.vn Teams & Office 365 in Vietphái mạnh is a major step forward for the education system, và is in line with the Vietnam giới government’s national project itrithuc, which is geared towards building an open knowledge database that is accessible to all organizations & individuals.

“Vietphái mạnh is undergoing a nationwide digital transformation in education, and công nghệ is important in shaping this process. We value the tư vấn from global and local corporations, such as 6struyenky.vn, that have partnered with us on this journey,” said Mr Nguyen Son Hai, Head of Technology Department, Ministry of Education and Training.

Read more about 6struyenky.vn Teams & 6struyenky.vn Office 365 here.

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