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Hello, I realized the ngươi Pad 2 is an old tablet now, but I recently purchased one for cheap, 64GB running MIUI 7. I see lots of posts online talking about reinstalling Windows & converting it.

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Unfortunately every post leads to links to và all of those forum links are broken now.

I found an archive of this post talking about converting it khổng lồ Windows:

There is a MEGA liên kết in there for the BIOS update và other tools I presume, but all liên kết are broken or files are removed.

Would anyone have the three links mentioned in the original post by any chance? Or have any knowledge on this?

Currently I've tried plenty of different BIOS options and I think it's just an old BIOS or something.

Thank you.

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Hey! I'm in the same boat. I found this spanish website with the instructions from that page with a new MEGA link. Sadly MEGA has a 1.5gb bandwidth limit và the files are 6.5gb so the only real option is to pay for 1 month of MEGA to tải về them.

Link khổng lồ the instructions in spanish/english

Link lớn a second spanish trang web with the same instructions but with pictures:

MEGA links for the files (delete the spaces in between):

https://me ga . Nz/#!w4hCVTDB!X_f0yYcfub10VrjZWLCAFPgIXH3EQyFGIbKGt8jutao

The instructions in the spanish website are easier & they don't need any BIOS files (it seems, I haven't tested it myself yet)


Download files from that MEGA link

Unzip files inside a 16gb+ pendrive (do not use SD cards converters, use a regular pendrive)

Plug a USB-C hub with at least 2 extra USB ports to the mi Pad

Plug the pendrive và a mouse to lớn the HUB, plug the hub to lớn the MiPad & reset the MiPad.

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By the instructions it should boot lớn a bootable recovery software.

Once the software is running go to the Restore tab and clic Browse File

Select the thư mục of the system you want to restore

Windows to game android pick the MIUI folder

Android to lớn Windows pick the Windows 00-00 folder

Select the disk where you want khổng lồ restore the backup (windows or android)

click anywhere on the GPT Disk 1

will pop up an alert if you want to lớn overwrite a file, just say yes.

in the kết thúc click close, remove the usb flashdrive, click file & exit.

now you should boot on the choosen OS.

Android lớn Windows doesnt need any new drivers

Windows to app android need some other stuff khổng lồ get the Play Store running.

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Before doing anything, use the same software inside the pendrive lớn make a backup image of your own system, or else if you want to lớn go back to apk you'll have khổng lồ use the other stock backup image.