Married to a wife worthy of her father’s age, moc que anh (@lucymolett)


Unfortunately, even though her career was relatively intimate, after marrying someone, Miao Pu gradually left the entertainment industry. He did not appear much in front of the media. However, it was revealed that Miao Pu owns a huge fortune of up to 700 million yuan (VND 2,473 billion).

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It was learned that Miao Pho’s wife was Tran Nghia Hong – a successful businessman with a net worth of 10 billion USD (220 trillion dong). He is among the ranks of China’s billionaires. Miao Pu’s wife is 21 years older than the female actress. After marriage, Tran Nghia Hong loved and cared for his wife. Because of that, the actress is dedicated to taking care of her family & no longer wants to lớn join showbiz.

After giving birth lớn twin angels, Miao Pho was cared for and loved by her husband.

Currently, at the age of 44, Miao Pu is young and still beautiful. When the kids are older, he has more time for himself. Occasionally, Miao Pho shares photos of his wife & children on his personal page. However, close -up images are very rare. However, there is information that the 2 children of Miao Pho have a lovely & adorable appearance due to the inheritance of their mother’s genes.

Her happy family photo.

Miao Pu also has a private jet.

Miao Pho has been getting attention since she graduated from director Phung Tieu Cuong.

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Before studying, Miao Pu signed a contract to work with director Phung Tieu Cuong. His career path is just as open. Miao Pho quickly appeared in cult film projects such as dẻo Tong De Xing Quan, tuy nhiên Lien Sinh Sitting Cong Duong, The smell of flowers in May …

Miao Pu has become a real actress in the world of entertainment. He was recognized by audiences across china for his work Can I smell a flower. The film was shortlisted for the Flying Heaven Award và Golden Eagle Award. This confirms Miao Pho’s acting ability.

She is a powerful actress favored by directors.

Among Miao Pu’s roles, the most impressive is perhaps the role of Moc Que Anh in the film Moc Que Anh holds the marshal’s seal. Since the film, many people have compared him khổng lồ the most beautiful Moc Que Anh on screen. His personality is also very straightforward, the image of the staff is commented lớn be similar to the original. The film makes Miao Pu’s name even more noticeable in the film world.

La tan once expressed his love for Miao Pho in the newspaper.

But, the relationship between Miao Pu & Luo Jin is not clear. They are not open dating except for newspaper rumors. Finally, this rumored love affair also quickly ended when Miao Pho married a 21-year-old wealthy Tran Nghia Hong. And later La tan became the wife of actress Duong Yen. Both of these weddings were very enjoyable and fun.

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La chảy is currently happy with husband Duong Yen.

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