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After the arrival of Patch 7.28 — also known as the Mistwoods Update – one nhân vật has emerged as the preeminent carry of the new metagame. That nhân vật is Monkey King, whose Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghanim’s Shard upgrades take center stage in the conversation of just why he’s so effective in the meta right now.

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The king reigns true once again, this time as one of the most effective carries in Patch 7.28b. (Phokhổng lồ courtesy Valve)

Prior to 7.28b (the most recent balance update) Monkey King enjoyed a win rate as high as 53.7 percent. This indicated not only a resurgence but a rapid rise to lớn the top tiers of the public matchmaking metagame. His win rate has since been knocked down to just above sầu 50 percent as a result of some nerfs. But most pros and analysts still agree that he is one of the best carries in the game right now.

But those who have experience playing Monkey King know that he isn’t easy to lớn learn or master. His skill & talent builds in particular aren’t clear cut at all. This leads lớn plenty of confusion especially for first time Monkey King users or those just starting lớn hit their stride with hyên. We’re here to clear up that confusion & point you on the royal path to lớn victory. So strap yourself in and get ready to lớn learn how a king conducts himself properly!

Impenetrable Defense

Undoubtedly the most important buff Monkey King received in the Mistwoods Update is bumping his base armor from 1 to lớn 2. That adds up lớn a whopping six points of armor once his base agility is factored in. This change alone made hyên way more playable in the lane as opposed to before, when he had a miserable base armor value of -3.

As a result, Wukong no longer has lớn fear getting hit by physical attacks when pulling creep aggro or going up for last hits in the lane. He can now safely post up in areas that would have previously been impassable. Thus extending his overall reach và improving his staying power. The latter was especially absent from his game as a whole in the past. But now that he has plenty of it, Monkey King isn’t as much of a liability in the lane anymore.

This seems like it wouldn’t be a big khuyễn mãi giảm giá in a vacuum, but anyone who tells you otherwise would be dead wrong. Sure, you still don’t want to lớn just st& there while enemy creeps hit you for không tính tiền. The additional armor greatly increases your effective health pool either way. Boxing melee heroes out in particular becomes much easier, whether or not you invest early skill points into lớn Jidại Mastery (D).

The Wukong-Aghanyên Connection

As mentioned earlier, Monkey King’s Aghanim’s Scepter and Aghanim’s Shard upgrades likewise make hlặng a force to lớn be reckoned with in the current metagame. While the Scepter upgrade has been around for about a year and a half now, the Shard tăng cấp definitely takes hyên ổn khổng lồ a whole new màn chơi as a carry.

Royal Army

But let’s talk about the Scepter first and what it offers to lớn Monkey King. His Scepter upgrade spawns a Wukong’s Commvà (R) soldier next to lớn hyên every four seconds. It attacks neutral or hostile units within its attachồng range. These soldiers function much the same way as in the regular Wukong’s Command. They apply on-hit effects that aren’t from Basher or Abyssal Blade. The soldiers also attachồng Roshan and enemy buildings. But only if Monkey King is within a 500-unit radius of any soldiers cthảm bại enough lớn hit them.

Now this upgrade doesn’t really sound like it would be worth 4,200 gold on paper, but it absolutely is. Not only does the nâng cấp increase Monkey King’s damage output, but it also speeds up his farming rate. This is something which he desperately needs as a carry. Aghanim’s Scepter allows hyên to lớn farm even faster when combined with Primal Spring (E). This especially against magic resistant neutral creep camps lượt thích Ancient and Mud Golem camps.

Orb of CorrosionDesolator, two great thành quả choices for Monkey King, also benefit greatly from the Scepter upgrade. Anyone who walks inkhổng lồ the soldier will have their armor reduced basically for không tính tiền, which helps any other physical attackers on your team as well. The same goes for things like Eye of Skadi, Gleipnir, and other items with attachồng modifiers.

But what about Battle Fury? Simply put, Battle Fury is just too greedy of an tòa tháp to get. It doesn’t give sầu you nearly as many benefits compared khổng lồ Scepter, either. Scepter gives you tower damage, teamfight damage, farm acceleration, and a ton of extra stats. Battle Fury only gives you cleave sầu & some reren. Primal Spring is already more than enough for wave clear, while Monkey King doesn’t really need much in the way of mana và health regeneration.

All in all, the Scepter nâng cấp is worth every penny. It’s even worth rushing after buying Phase Boots và Orb of Corrosion in the laning phase. A good timing khổng lồ aim for is somewhere between the 17 to 19 minute marks. Any time later than that is considered quite slow và could even be detrimental lớn your overall progression.

View From the Top

Then there’s the Shard tăng cấp. This one ranks amuốn the best Shard upgrades in the entire game (if not the best) for good reason. Upon purchasing Aghanim’s Shard, Monkey King’s Tree Dance (W) gets its cooldown reduced from one second khổng lồ 0.4 seconds, while its cast point (the windup animation) gets bumped down from 0.3 seconds lớn 0.1 seconds.

These reductions are a huge khuyễn mãi giảm giá, especially when combined with the Tree Dance talent at level 15. Having the ability lớn traverse the map that quickly as a carry is invaluable. It far outweighs any sort of physical DPS gain to lớn be had from the Jingây ngô Mastery damage talent at that cấp độ. Of course, Tree Dance is also Monkey King’s only escape mechanism as well. That makes these benefits even more critical to lớn his gameplay.

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Put together, both the Scepter and Shard upgrades help Monkey King become a massive threat, while patching up a few of his most glaring weaknesses. Both are well worth the investment. The Shard timing can be placed much later into lớn the game compared to lớn that of the Scepter.

Regal Equipment

It’s Got The Word “King” In The Name

The rest of your items will be the usual Monkey King core pickups. Black King Bar is practically a must after Aghanim’s Scepter, because Monkey King just gets obliterated by heavy magic damage. You also do not want to lớn get chain disabled in the middle of building Jiđần Mastery stacks or after unleashing Wukong’s Command.

Do not get greedy by skipping BKB, unless your opponents’ draft somehow has no way of locking you down reliably. We guarantee that you will regret it if you let the allure of damage items get the better of you. Remember: Tree Dance is placed on cooldown whenever you get hit, so you will not have sầu any way of escaping incoming magic damage without a BKB in your inventory.

Resplendence and Luxury

After BKB, you’ll want a DPS item or some sort of utility. Preferably from something that works with Wukong’s Comm& and your spawned soldiers. Eye of Skadi is the cookie cutter option, as it gives you even more stats & a passive slow on hit to lớn keep your opponents inside your Wukong’s Command ring. The reduction in healing & regeneration from the passive is also quite valuable, especially against other popular meta carries like Alchemist and Wraith King.

Desolator is another good choice, though it is a very timing-dependent thành phầm. The earlier you get it, the better, considering that armor reduction (và by extension armor itself) scales logarithmically rather than linearly. Armor reduction also offers more value the closer the target is khổng lồ an armor value of zero. But it is not likely to be the case late in the game. If you can somehow afford to lớn delay your BKB timing — like when your team is snowballing & the opposing side is underleveled — Desolator may be a solid pickup. Oh, and it also stacks fully with Orb of Corrosion.

Abyssal Blade is one of the best late game items for Monkey King, for pretty obvious reasons. The magic immunity-piercing stun is just incredible for melee heroes, và combined with Boundless Strike can lock a key target down just long enough lớn remove them from the game before they can retaliate. Although Wukong’s Commvà soldiers won’t apply the passive sầu bash, being able to stun heroes you’re hitting is never a bad thing.

There’s also Gleipnir which is very effective sầu against heroes that rely on movement abilities khổng lồ escape. The root shuts down heroes like Ember Spirit, Void Spirit, Anti-Mage, Mirana, and more — while the Chain Lightning passive is also applied by your soldiers. Tons of magic damage to be had as a result. By the same token, Mjollnir is likewise another option out of Maelstrom, if you need the attaông chồng speed and the Static Shield active sầu.

A King’s Knowledge

Unlượt thích most other heroes, Monkey King’s ideal skill build isn’t nearly as clear-cut. Maxing out Jidở người Mastery in the lane used khổng lồ be the go-khổng lồ plan, but ever since its numbers were tuned down several patches ago it hasn’t been nearly as good anymore. It doesn’t help Monkey King farm any faster either, so it’s safe lớn ignore until the mid game.

Hechồng, it’s even safe to lớn ignore until cấp độ 2 in fact, because Boundless Strike should be what you go for at màn chơi 1. Boundless Strike costs a mere 100 mamãng cầu to cast but is very good at securing ranged creeps in the lane — something that will always be vital lớn success in the laning phase. Jidại dột Mastery meanwhile is just too insignificant in the laning phase to invest more than one early point into lớn. Yes, this even with Orb of Corrosion factored in.

What we recommend instead is for you lớn invest more inlớn Tree Dance early on. It is what allows you to farm for that 17 to 19 minute Aghanim’s Scepter that we mentioned earlier. Having access lớn that 350 AoE magic damage early on is important, because Monkey King just farms so slowly without it. This is not to lớn say however that you should leave Jidại dột Mastery at cấp độ 1 for too long. It’s just that it should be left there in favor of Tree Dance và a second value point in Boundless Strike.

As for Wukong’s Command, we recommkết thúc leaving it alone until around cấp độ 9. This is because of the fact that it’s quite hard to activate safely & fight inside of the ring without some extra health lớn work with. Also because you should primarily be farming instead of fighting before completing your Scepter.

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Recommended Skill Build

Keep in mind that the following skill build is not set in stone in any way. It will still depend on the matchup that you might encounter in the lane. For example, it may be worth investing into Jidở hơi Mastery against slow melee heroes with no way khổng lồ quickly disengage. But because Dota won’t always give you igiảm giá khuyến mãi lane matchups, generally speaking the one we’ll be listing here will be the most reliable.

Boundless StrikeJingớ ngẩn MasteryTree DanceTree DanceBoundless StrikeTree DanceJingốc MasteryTree DanceWukong’s CommandLevel 10 Talent: +20 Attack SpeedJingu MasteryWukong’s CommandJingốc MasteryBoundless StrikeLevel 15 Talent: +475 Tree Dance Cast RangeBoundless StrikeWukong’s CommandLevel đôi mươi Talent: +350 Primal Spring DamageLevel 25 Talent: Additional Wukong’s Commvà Ring

With this, you now have the knowledge necessary to pilot Monkey King to victory in your own pub games. Now that you know what makes hyên tiông xã in this new patch và metagame, the only thing left lớn bởi vì is practice and apply what you’ve sầu learned. Remember the reasoning for the little details presented in this guide, & you’ll be just fine out there. Now show them just why Wukong is called “king”!

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