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Over the last several years, Motorola has resoundingly established itself as the best option for consumers seeking an Android điện thoại thông minh that’s far easier on their wallet than any flagship. And with midrange options like the OnePlus 6T continuing lớn creep up in price, Motorola isn’t really facing much direct competition — at least in the United States. Elsewhere in the world, there are similarly svào options at low prices. But with the 2019 Moto lớn G7 lineup, Motorola has put forward yet another example of how it has mastered this price category: by being good enough at the essentials, even if it can’t match up with today’s best phone cameras or top-over displays. I just hope you’ve got hands big enough for them this time.

There are three separate Moto G7 phones available. There’s the main $299 Mokhổng lồ G7, the $249 Mokhổng lồ G7 Power nguồn, and the $199 G7 Play. Right off the bat, I’m going to lớn advise against choosing the last option there, the Play. It’s the cheapest of all three, but that comes with tradeoffs in build chất lượng (it has a plastic body) & performance. The Play has the same Qualcomm processor as the other two, but offers just 2GB of RAM, which is so little that you’ll encounter multitasking frustrations & constantly be waiting for apps khổng lồ reload. For those reasons, this đánh giá will focus on the standard G7 and the G7 Power nguồn, which has an enormous 5,000mAh battery as its standout feature. It’s absolutely worth spending a bit extra on either of them instead of the Play.


Good Stuff

Nice screenGood day-to-day performanceExcellent software that’s easy khổng lồ useHeadphone jaông chồng

Bad Stuff

Average battery lifeNotch is somewhat distractingNo NFC or wireless chargingDistasteful Motorola hình ảnh on front
Buy for $239.99 from Amazon Buy for $249.99 from Best Buy Buy for $179.00 from Visible

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Our review of Motorola Moto lớn G7 Power nguồn

Verge Score 8 out of 10

Good Stuff

Unrivaled battery lifeGood day-to-day performanceExcellent software that’s easy to lớn useHeadphone jaông chồng

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Bad Stuff

Screen lacks sharpnessA bit chunkyNo NFC or wireless chargingDistasteful Motorola logo sản phẩm on front

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