Ini Dia, Daftar Game Dan Aplikasi Ios Terbaik 2020 Halaman All



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Challenge your friends in the new hot trivia game!Discover 1000s of themes & find more answers than your opponent lớn win the match. Use jokers to lớn give sầu you an edge & revelation wands khổng lồ learn from your mistakes.

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Cheông chồng your stats và make it to N°1 amongst your friends & worldwide!● Play against real players online● Discover 1000s of themes● Cheông xã your progress, stats and ranking● Use Jokers & revelation wands● Chat with your friends

Great alternative sầu khổng lồ Scattergories

I am a big tín đồ of this game! I've sầu only been playing for about a week but was looking for something similar lớn Scattergories và this game is about as cđại bại as you will get with a lot more "forgiveness." First off you aren't limited to 1 letter per category, which itself is helpful. Secondly, if you get stuck you have the option to lớn push a "joker button" and it will put an answer up on the board for you. (I don't recommend doing this a lot, it eats up your coins, but in fairness it is a great saver lớn get your mind on trachồng of what kind of answers they are looking for in the certain category, especially if you keep typing answers và receive sầu 0 points...yup, just clichồng that button và it will get you bachồng on track